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1 year ago
Comfort in a bowl

As we find ourselves reaching out for that jacket on our way back from work in the evenings, we realise it’s the perfect time to tuck into a hearty meal with a piping hot bowl of delicious food. Monkey Bar came to our rescue with their One Bowl Winter meals — 12 variations that offer everything from textures to flavours.

We tried the Wild Mushroom Khichdi (Rs 380), with its slow cooked mushrooms and while the flavours were all there, we just wished it was more mushy. The Nagarjuna inspired Chilli Chicken (Rs 410) served with Malabar parathas was up next and we found ourselves digging in happily, savouring the spicy chicken and the texture, provided by the plantain chips. The Korean Bibimbap (Rs 400) was again, a colourful mix of spicy gochujang steak, sticky rice, khimchi and sesame topped veggies. While we loved the beef which was cooked medium rare to perfection, the rice felt a bit overcooked.

Giving a little variation to our palette, we went for the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (Rs 360), with its veggies, almonds, chickpeas and olives served on couscous. Barring the slightly overpowering taste of zaatar, we liked the generous portion of the flavourful dish. But the best, we saved for the last! The Prawn Pad Thai Noodles (Rs 380) were a beautiful mix of flat rice noodles, prawns, cashews and veggies in a sweet sour sauce and it hit all right notes. The big bowl of comfort? That’s what we are talking about here!

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