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10 months ago
Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers — What Every Man Needs to Know

Choosing the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

Love is not finding someone to live with, it’s finding someone you cannot live without
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Love can happen anytime in life, but Valentine’s day happens just once. This is the reason that every lover tries to make the most of this day by celebrating the day with the beloved one.

Talking about making Valentine’s day celebrations special, the first thing that comes to mind instantly is those beautiful flowers that make our life blissful. But, which flowers are the best for the occasion? Or, shall we put it somewhat like this – how can you choose the perfect flowers to celebrate this day with your lover?

Below are some floral options you could try: –

Anything but red roses

Red rose – there is no denying the fact that these flowers have been man’s most trusted choice when it comes expressing the feeling of love. But isn’t that a bit too cliché? While roses are the go-to option for every lover, if you really want to make her feel special then you must pick anything but roses as your Valentine’s day flowers.

Why? Simply because it shows that you have put an effort to make the day special for her. Anyone can go to a florist shop and buy a bouquet of roses or order them online, but not everyone will think of going beyond the ordinary. Anthurium or love orchids as they are popularly called can be a wonderful choice here.



But, don’t fall prey to the friend-zoned trap

One important thing to remember here is that while trying something different to make your Valentine celebrations unforgettable you can easily fall prey to the friend-zone trap.

Flowers like gerbera daisies, for instance, are looked upon as the worst option and a romance killer. Similarly, baby’s breath is another flower that you cannot even think of picking as your Valentine’s Day flower.

Lavender roses – the latest in trend

If you are someone who stays up with the latest fashion trends, then you need to choose a flower that goes with your personality. And, this is what Lavender roses are – the enchanted flowers that have become a symbol of love at first sight. If you are looking to spend the Valentine’s Day with your newly found lady love, then there cannot be a better choice than lavender roses.

Lavender roses

For the big old knees up celebrations

If you have been in love forever, and this year you want to cherish those good old times you have spent with each other throughout these years, then Casablanca Lily is a great choice. To make the most of it, you can pick a bouquet featuring these lilies along with other assorted flowers as well.

In fact, a combination of Casablanca lilies with red roses and waxflower can swipe her easily off her feet on the day of love!

Irises to signify faith and wisdom

There is something magical about iris flowers. Bring this magic into your relationship by presenting your beloved with iris flowers. A symbol of faith and wisdom iris flowers can ignite the spark in your relationship. The best thing about iris flowers is that they arrive in bud form.

So, what this means is that they are going to grow into full flowers and will embrace your place for the next few days after Valentine’s day as well. Wouldn’t you want the celebrations to continue for days to come?

Peruvian lilies for friendship

Last, but not the least, valentine’s day flower option that you can pick to make the day unforgettable is that of Peruvian lilies. Often touted to be the symbol of friendship, these flowers can be used to mesmerize your beloved in a special way. Peruvian lilies are an enchanting flower option that can be used to tell her how much you care.

It is a reflection that you are willing to take her as a lover and as a friend as well. After all, the first step on the path of relationship called love is taken on the ladder of friendship and compassion only. And, this is exactly what Peruvian lilies are all about!

These are our top choices of flowers that you can pick for this valentine and make the day worth remembering.

A small tip

A girl loves her man to hold the flowers in one hand, behind the back and reveal the bouquet in the form of surprise.

So, are you ready to give these ideas a try? What are you waiting for? Plan your celebrations early and get ready to make the most of your valentine’s day this year!

Alicia is a senior florist at Wholeblossoms, a wholesaler of premium and fresh cut wholesale flowers. She has over 5 years expertise in floral design & arrangement. She has catered for several events including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, funerals, corporate events and special events.
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