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7 years ago
Chinese doctors grow a new ear on a man's ARM

A Chinese man Mr. Ji, lost her ear in a tragedic car accident and has got it back. Well if you are wondering how? Read on to find out.
One of the famous plastic surgeons of china named, Doctor Guo Shuzhong has successfully grown an artificial ear on a man's arm. To develop the new ear, He made optimum use of Mr. Ji cartilage from his ribs and he also wants to transplant the organ to Mr. Ji head in coming four months.

According to a Chinese newspaper report, Mr. Ji managed to live through serious injuries that had happened to him last year in a road accident but in that accident, he lost his ear. His ear got 
slit from the face. He went through many surgical operations but still couldn’t restore his cheeks and skin of the face. He said, “After losing one ear. I have always felt that I am not complete”. He also added that it was next to impossible to restore the ear so then he visited Doctor Guo and his procedure started.

Doctor Guo examined him and carried out the surgery in following three steps:-

* The doctor along with his team embedded a skin expander under the right forearm.

* The team took the cartilage from the ribs of the Mr. Ji to configure a new ear, before implanting the artificial ear to the patient’s forearm.

* The third step is yet to be done, the doctors are going to transplant a fully grown ear from the arm to his head using a technique called vascular anastomosis techniques.

Mr. Ji told a reporter that the loss of his right ear had made her life difficult and that he wants to live like normal people after the surgery.
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