Cheat Sheet with 5 Humorous Marriage Tips for Marital Bliss

5 Humorous Marriage Tips for Marital Bliss

All marriages have their ups and downs, no matter how far along the marriage highway one has gone or maybe just starting out on this road. We often seek advice and life experiences from our parents or our elders who have had an everlasting happy marriage and are basically, relationship experts. But usually, marriage advice tends to get very serious.

Yes, building and investing in your relationship with your significant other should be taken seriously, but there is also a light-hearted and humorous side to marriage. Humor is important to make a relationship work.

Below you’ll find some humorous marriage tips for both men and women

1. Don’t piss off someone who is already mad

Speak directly to your spouse; there’s no shame in that. You say sorry first. It doesn’t matter. Maybe they aren’t even looking for an apology and just hoping deep inside that you would just randomly start talking to them again. Having to stay away from someone you live with is kind of difficult.

Just be casual and spark a conversation rather than faking a conversation with your dog or baby and trying to send messages to your spouse through that while completely disregarding their presence in the room.

First of all, do you really do that? Because that’s just adding fuel to the flame. Second, do you really want to talk to your pet or your 1-year old who would simply give you a spit bubble in response or would you rather have someone who could answer you in properly constructed sentences? I think… the latter is a better option.  Communication is the key.

2. Go to bed angry or be lethargic at work the next day

Sometimes, it IS better to go to bed angry rather than staying up the whole night and squabbling away. Why drain all that energy and stay up past 5 am without reaching a solution. When you realize that both of you are really mad and neither would give up even if they realized their mistake, it’s better to drop the topic. Just change into your PJs and dive into bed, pull up the covers and doze off. What’s the point in staying up?

And when you have work right in the morning, staying up and fighting would lead you to be lethargic and lazy at work as well (more than usual) and that’ll eventually lead to a bad mood. This means, not only is your night ruined but so is your day. And besides it’s possible by the next morning, one of you will give up. If not, this rest would provide you with enough energy to win the fight the next day!

3. Trying to change your partner? You are up for failure

Bettina Arndt said, “Women hope men will change after marriage, but they don’t; men hope women won’t change, but they do.”

Consider marriage as an “As Is” deal, this is what you get and this is the best it can get. Don’t try to change each other just because you don’t find it ‘cute’ anymore. You know what you were signing up for when you said “I do,” then why try to alter it now? You loved each other with all the flaws before getting married; you’ll find a way to love each other with those flaws after getting married.

Trying to change your partner? You are up for failure

4. Don’t live in the past – your partner will pile on a few kilos

Everything tends to change with time, so do people. We gain weight, lose our hair, get acne and wrinkles, and many other changes occur along the way. But this doesn’t mean the person on the inside has changed; they are still very there. Men, avoid complimenting her on how she used to look in outfits that do not fit her on anymore. In attempts to make her happier, you’re just going to make her upset.

Tell her how great she looks at the moment. All women want is your attention along with some compliments. And ladies, don’t expect your man to bring you flowers and diamonds all the time. Sure, he used to do that earlier on in the relationship, but now you guys have a future to build. Save up that cash for your kids! And besides, focus on the little things. Maybe he took out the trash, or perhaps he did the dishes or vacuumed the carpet. It’s the little things that matter in a marriage.

5. Date nights will save you marriage counseling fee

Research shows that couples who still date each other, stay together. Romantic getaways are always enjoyable. Not everyone can afford trips to exotic islands, but everyone sure can afford a nice, romantic dinner to a nearby restaurant every once in a while. Leave the kids at home with the babysitter and just go out to the fancy new restaurant that just opened uptown or maybe just go to the restaurant where you had your very first date. That sure would bring back a lot of happy memories.

As a plus, saying “Let’s go out!”  can help avoid an argument or help you cover up the fact that you (again) forgot to make dinner as you had promised.  In short, couples, who can play and laugh together and can simply be themselves with each other, usually end up staying together.

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