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1 week ago
Can your allergies impact your future generation?

There is always a doubt regarding allergies being hereditary. Pregnant women are often scared if their allergies can be passed on to their offspring. Allergies may run in family however, this topic has always sparked a debate in the field of medicines. Answering one such query, Dr. Keith DeOrio, D.HOM and Dr. Howard Goldberg, from the US, indulge in a quick debate on the topic. On one hand where Dr. Keith explains that it stands true as per his experience, Dr. Howard feels otherwise. While the experts stand divided on their views, it definitely leaves us perplexed regarding the inheritance of allergies. Allergies run in family, the family of an allergic person may have more allergies, but the reason could be different. As these experts argue, the flip side to this theory also stands true. If you suffer from any allergy and scared of passing it to your unborn child, it’s a better idea to speak to your doctor about your fears. Your child may or may not be at risk, but a medical intervention is needed. Meanwhile, listen to what these experts have to say while throwing light on the topic.

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