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11 months ago
Can Kids Thermal Wear Be Thin & Comfortable? This Brand Shows How!

What is it?

If you are packing your bags for the winter vacation and heading off to someplace cool, we know what’s in your mind while packing. You need to take along comfortable and warm clothing for the kids to feel comfortable and warm so that your holiday goes as planned! We loved the thermals collection at M & S- and here’s why we tell you this is a must-have in your travel suitcase!

What makes it different:

Say goodbye to boring and dull colours and hello to these lovely prints from M & S. The warm and lightweight Heatgen thermals for kids and adults makes sure you feel cosy during the chilly winters. The old thermals available for kids and adults are so monotonous, thick and uninspired that kids make a face every time they are made to wear them, and they end up hiding them under better clothes!

This collection, however, breaks the myth that thermals need to be thick to be effective and come in lovely colours and prints, without adding to the bulk.

Options available:

The aim is to keep kids warm and comfortable. And this collection from M & S does just that. With cute designs for kids and light colours for adults, this collection is a must-have. And the kids are sure to love the Star Wars, Peppa Pig and leopard print designs, creating the right photo-ops for a casual morning walk!


The kids’ cotton thermal collections start at Rs.899.

How to order:

You can shop for their amazing Thermals collection from any M & S outlet near you or at Amazon. Shop here. 

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