Butt Orgasms Are REALâ€"Here's How To Have One

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Fact: No one wants the same kind of sex day after day. We all want to expand the number of ways in which we reach our Os. The latest way to get those warm fuzzies in your lady bits: booty orgasms. Yup.

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The anus and rectum are part of all men and women's sexual makeup and how you stimulate them affects the genitals, says Stacy Rybchin, CEO of My Secret Luxury. 

"The clitoris is shaped like a wishbone, and for many women the clitoris extends all the way down to the anus. During anal penetration, you're also stimulating the clitoral legs. And for men, the nerve that goes to the penis and scrotum also goes to the anus," she says.

An anal orgasm happens through indirect stimulation of a woman's G-spot, through the wall shared between vagina and rectum. With all this stimulation going on, your chances of having an intense orgasm are good.

In addition to the G-spot, there's another area located at the back of the the deepest part of the vagina near the cervix. When stimulated through the tissue that separates your vagina from your rectum, this location can produce intense orgasms.

Follow these tips for some seriously stimulating anal and hopefully a mind-blowing O—via your butt.

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1. Go excruciatingly slow. Anal sex isn't advisable when you've got 15-minutes to kill; it takes time to do it right.

2. Make sure you really trust your partner. The first few times you try anal, you're going to feel very vulnerable. Make sure your partner is someone who you're confident cares about your pleasure and won't do anything that could hurt you.

3. Use a lot of lube. Think of how much lube you usually use—and triple it. Extra lubrication will make sure everything runs smoothly. 

4. Start small. Before you bring out the big guns, begin with a finger or a sex toy. If you don't like a finger up your ass, you probably won't like anal sex. And if you don't like it, you're definitely not going to have an orgasm.

5. Communication is key. If your partner is doing something you don't like, don't just suck it up and take one for the team. Let them know this isn't working for you.

6. Ask for a butt massage. One of the ways your partner can relax you is by giving you a butt massage and using moves to enhance pleasure, such as going from light to firm, teasing, and pinching.

7. Consider analingus. Having your partner tease your anus with his tongue could be a good start to butt play. But because there are definitely some bacteria in that area, using plastic wrap or a dental dam is a good idea.

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8. Concentrate on the clitoris. Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist for Good Vibrations says, "The very easiest way to ensure an orgasm during anal sex, or just make it as pleasurable as possible, is to add clitoral stimulation while it's going on. Some women will orgasm from anal intercourse alone, but most won't be able to do so. The clitoral stimulation can be very direct or indirect." Try touching yourself or rubbing against something, like a pillow, she says.

9. Try vaginal intercourse first. You might want to start with the basics so your partner can stimulate all the key spots before moving to your butt. Stimulating a combination of erogenous zones gives you a higher chance of having a blended orgasm—which are some of the best.

10. Don't force it all the way in. If your partner isn't exactly well-hung, then deep penetration might be OK. But if your partner is on the big side, he will probably only get halfway in before it starts to hurt. But he doesn't need to go all the way for you both to enjoy the feeling of gentle strokes in and out.

11. Stop when it hurts. If you go slowly, are fully aroused, use plenty of lube, and communicate with your partner—it doesn't have to be painful. As long as you don't force it, things should be enjoyable and end with a spectacular orgasm.

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