Build Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills With These Easy Stacking Activities Using Home Supplies

Developing your toddler’s fine motor skills are essential to help them in their reading, writing, sports and various day to day chores. These simple activities will also help develop their hand-eye coordination, visual focusing and tracking skills. And here is one easy activity that works like magic on your toddler’s essential skills and keeps them engaged too!

Stacking blocks or cups on top of one another gives your toddler, a sense of responsibility to prevent the wobbly towers from falling and also helps them focus and develop concentration.  Check out these three simple stacking activities to help improve your child’s fine motor skills using supplies easily available at home.

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Extra paper or plastic cups from your last party sitting idle at home? An ideal way to entertain your toddler – anywhere and anytime! The cup stacking activity helps in building a foundation for the development of various skills like problem solving, critical thinking and increased intelligence of your toddlers. They are readily available, inexpensive and can be set up in no time!

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Button Stacking

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We all have a box with buttons of various shapes and colours waiting to be used! Stacking the buttons according to their shapes and sizes is a great way to work on your child’s visual and motor skills.

Rocks Stacking

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On your next nature trail collect a few rocks and pebbles of different sizes and help your child stack them to create stone sculptures using their imagination skills. It is a great way to connect with nature and also learn to balance the stones.

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