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1 year ago
Best Swimshorts For Women- Boys Need Not Apply

1/6 Terry Doyle
For Hard Abs
How low can you go? Pretty damn low. These bold-print shorts stop way below your innie to show off sexy abs. What's more, the bottoms reverse to black, so you can wear 'em two ways.

Reef Tri top, $42, and board shorts, $50,; Freestyle watch

2/6 David Lawrence
Best for Buff Bitches
Who wears short shorts? You, of course. This itsy-bitsy number puts your bottom in the spotlight--payoff for all those sweatfests at the gym.

Body Glove Studio 54 boy short bikini, $98,

3/6 David Lawrence
Best for Straight Waists
A contrasting belt winding around the top of these butt-huggers adds a layer to the hips and more definition to your waist.

Seafolly halter, $76, and boy shorts, $56,

4/6 David Lawrence
Best for Narrow Hips
Get a little sneaky: The horizontal cut of these boy shorts makes slim hips seem a little wider, more in proportion with your shoulders.

Nautica Women's halter bra, $58, and boy shorts, $50,

5/6 David Lawrence
Best for Bloaty Days
Asking for a little forgiveness? The wide elastic waistband and stretch fly adjust along with you (ahhhh!).

Oakley ring bandeau bikini top, $40, and microsuede board shorts, $36,

Best for Thick Thighs

You can't beat a board short for slimming muscular thighs. (And you thought surfers wore them to keep warm!)

Carve Designs Malibu tankini, $38, and Paddler drawstring board shorts, $52,


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