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Best #BirthControlRocks Twitter Messages

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2/11 ,
Birth control rocks because I want to have a stable career to support my children with and a committed relationship for them to learn from.

Amber Rudzki's Twitter page

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3/11 ,
Because I decide. #birthcontrolrocks

Christina Tonkin's Twitter page

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4/11 ,
With one little pill my cramps are bearable, I can stand up straight, & keep my food down. Dysmenorrhea sucks, but #birthcontrolrocks!!!

Tiffany Montgomery's Twitter page

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5/11 ,
Birth Control Rocks because cramps during school is something I don't have patience for!

Ali Schwarz's Twitter page

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6/11 ,
Birth Control Rocks because I'm still learning how to selflessly love my husband.

Also in her tweet: Because I can't be a great mom until I'm a great wife.

Laura Lape's Twitter page

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7/11 ,
#BirthControlRocks I love that my birth control helps me manage my endometriosis (sp), cramps & other menstrual calamities.

Kelly Wolfenkoehler's Twitter page

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8/11 ,
#birthcontrolrocks because…Well…I shouldn't have to give a F**king reason!

Sarah Caro's Twitter page

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9/11 ,
Birth Control Rocks because at this point in my life, I do not have the financial resources to give my child the life they deserve to have.

Also in her tweet: Because money cannot buy everything, but we need it for shelter, food & clothing!

Tiffany Brown's Twitter page

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10/11 ,
#BirthControlRocks because it helps me control my PCOS symptoms!

ArudZ's Twitter page

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11/11 ,
Birth control rocks because I don't want children until I can afford them without any government assistance!!

Tina Perkins's Twitter page

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