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11 months ago
Barley or jau sherbet: healthy 2- ingredient Ayurvedic drink to keep you cool in summer

With summer approaching, you need to make sure that you keep your body cool. Dehydration can be extremely dangerous and is accompanied by various health problems like depression, constipation, muscle cramps, kidney stones and kidney disease, gallstones, uremia and high blood pressure. Here are the health risks of dehydration. Instead of opting for fizzy sugary drinks, try this easy 2-ingredient natural drink that you can make at home. This barley or jau sherbet is light and easily digestible. It quenches thirst, cools the body, and gives instant energy. It is also good for hyperacidity, urinary tract infection, skin disorders, and heat-induced headache. Barely helps prevents heart disease, helps you lose weight, is good for diabetics and has many other health benefits. According to Dr Partap Chauhan of Jiva Ayurveda, barley sherbet pacifies pitta dosha and kapha dosha, and aggravates vata dosha. You can mix in raw sugar to pacify its vata quality. It is very useful in pitta-aggravating disorders. But be careful, excessive intake of barley can cause flatulence.

Barley seeds 100 grams
Raw sugar

- Take a pan with a heavy base and heat it.
- Put in the barley, and roast on low fire till the seeds turn brown.
- Make sure the seeds do not burn.
- Let them cool. Grind these seeds to form a fine powder. Store in an air-tight container.
- To make barley sherbet, take three tbsps of the powder and two tbsps of powdered raw sugar, and dissolve in a glassful of chilled water.
- Those with aggravated kapha dosha can use honey instead of raw sugar.

Did you know, barley is excellent for weight loss?

Try making this barley or jau roti recipe by Naini Setalvad.

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