Award Winning Author Payal Kapadia On How To Raise A Child That Loves Reading

As an avid reader, I always wanted my kids to develop the love I have for reading. My first born took to books naturally and she was reading at a very young age. My son, on the other hand, took a really long time to develop an interest in books. He would flip through the pictures and that was that. We had so many books strewn all over the house and then some more on my bookshelf. I was at my wit’s end to figure out how to develop his interest in books.

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Mansi Zaveri caught up with award-winning author Payal Kapadia to find out how to raise a child that loves reading. Payal Kapadia, a recipient of the Crossword Award For Children’s Writing, is a lifelong lover of books and is raising two avid readers! She shared a few tips with us about how we can nudge our children towards books. Some of our favourites were,

  • Let your children choose the books they want to read not the other way around. If you force them to read stories which they don’t enjoy or are above their reading ability, it will put them off the author or worse still- reading itself.
  • Download audiobooks so they can listen to a book over and over again. This will help take the pressure of reading to them off the parent as well.

For more tips on how to raise a child that loves books, watch the video!

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