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An amazing 62-kg weight loss story!

Losing weight is like any other skill, which requires determination. For a healthy weight loss, you indeed need a proper guidance which shouldn't impact your health. At his highest weight, when it started hampering his health, Jaydeep decided to drop kilos and followed certain bits of advice. When it didn't work for him, he took the initiative, studied about the human body and followed healthy practices. He lost 62 kilos in a short span of 10 months and proved the adage, "nothing is impossible". Here he tells about his weight loss journey which is surely an inspiration for many.

Name: Jaydeep Bhuta

Occupation: Nutrition consultant

Age: 30

Highest weight recorded: 142 kgs

Weight lost: 62 kgs

Duration it took me to lose 62kgs: 10 months

The turning point: At my highest weight of 142 kilos, a lot of medical issues had started flashing. Some of my health concerns were:



Lower back spasms

Knee pain

Depression and lethargy

Always fatigued and sleepy (even after sleeping for 12hrs)

Sleep apnea

Lower levels of testosterone

Fatty liver

All the above-mentioned issues and many more were the reason for me to take my health seriously and make changes in my lifestyle.

My breakfast: Cauliflower poha or moong daal chilla with a few nuts.

My lunch: Green leafy vegetables cooked in olive oil or butter with cottage cheese. Occasionally, I prefer eating pulses.

My dinner: It is somewhat similar to lunch. I eat vegetables cooked in spices with almond flour bread or grilled vegetables with cheese or some egg preparation.

I indulge in (what you eat on your cheat days): My cheat days were very occasional. And even when I felt like cheating, I would choose healthier cheat meals. I make my own healthy ice cream or desserts using dark chocolate and stevia. My only weakness is sweets and chocolates and I love preparing interesting and healthy sweet options.

My workout: As I have studied Kinesiology and Biomechanics (exercise science), selecting the right exercises for fat-loss was not of any concern.

Selecting the right exercises is very important and like any other science, even exercise is a science which should be understood by everyone to get effective results.

I work out 3 to 4 days a week and my schedule includes:

Day 1 - Lower body workout (squats, lunges, leg curl, calf muscle) followed by 45 minutes of cardio.

Day 2 - Only cardio (30 to 45 minutes)

Day 3 - Back workout followed by cardio (30 to 45 minutes)

Day 4 - Only cardio (30 to 45 minutes)

Day 5 - Chest workout followed by cardio

Day 6 - Rest

Day 7 - Rest

I believe that smart workouts are more effective than slogging aimlessly in the gym. Rest is equally important as exercise. Overtraining will not give you results, in fact, it can result in muscle-loss or weakness.

Both cardio and weight training are important when it comes to fat-loss or improvement in body composition.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I am not a believer of calories and I have always stayed away from counting calories. I feel that a person should eat fats and proteins irrespective of the calorie consumption. Because reduction of calories from meals means eating less, you may feel starved and might end up munching on rubbish when the motivation falls.

I lost 62 kgs by eating healthy fats and proteins coming from 1st class sources. But one thing that I always stay away from is - sugars and other starchy grains.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: There are no secrets.... It's pure science. People feel that fitness and fat-loss are the most difficult things to achieve. They end up following rubbish advices. Even I was one of them and had done everything possible on the planet to lose weight. But only now, after studying the above-mentioned sciences did I realise that I had followed wrong advises and therefore I was always struggling with weight issues.

How do I stay motivated? And how do you ensure you don't lose focus? Results motivate you more than anything. I feel that humans are very greedy. We will only put efforts when there is a reward. Even when I was 142 kgs, I wanted to lose weight quickly and wanted to get in shape as fast as possible. I was not okay with losing 1 or 2 kgs per month. I was definitely not interested to stretch my fat-loss journey for years. I wanted results "now".

And when I started seeing drastic changes and results, I was self-motivated and didn't miss junk food.

If my results would have been any slower, I would surely be discouraged and would have fallen off the wagon.

What's the most difficult part of being overweight? Everything about being overweight is bad. Overweight is a curse that people live with. Most people are blamed for their eating habits for being overweight. Most of the overweight people don't eat that bad. In fact, it's the thin people who have worst eating habits compared to fat individuals.

It's not about the calories, but from where you get these calories that counts.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? With every passing year, my fitness goals have been changing. When I started, my dream was to live like a normal person and my dream was to tie my own shoelaces (which wasn't possible then because of my 52-inch waist).

Now my goal is to improve on all the aspects of fitness. My goal is to improve and challenge my cardiovascular endurance and increase my strength. I am currently working on reducing my fat per cent even lower and gaining lean body mass. I soon see myself having a 6-pack.

What are the lifestyle changes you made? Being a nutritionist and a fitness expert, I would suggest everyone make a few simple changes...

Stop eating sugars and starches

Exercise 3 to 4 days a week (and not to neglect strength training)

Rest well

Stay happy

Do not confuse dehydration with hunger.

Do not consume packed foods which sometimes are also labelled as 'healthy'.

Along with the above tips, I stay away from all the false advice on health.

Lessons learnt from weight losses: After losing 62kgs within a year, I learnt that everything is possible. It's all about how badly you want to succeed. I regained my health and confidence back. I no longer have any medical issues. I don't get fatigued and can even work better. My attitude towards life has changed. Now I am not just a fit and motivated individual but now I can help others to achieve their dreams.

If you have a weight loss story that can inspire others, mail us at [email protected]

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