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Amber Rose’s SlutWalk Sends a Powerful Message About Female Sexuality: See Pics

On Saturday, October 3, model and actress Amber Rose hosted her first ever “SlutWalk” in Los Angeles as a way to empower women and fight back against slut-shaming.


According to the official Amber Rose SlutWalk website, the SlutWalk campaign was sparked by a Toronto police officer’s telling college women in 2011 that “if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.” The first SlutWalk protest march was held in Toronto shortly after the policeman’s remarks went viral. In each SlutWalk, supporters (many dressed in revealing, “slutty” clothing) march through the streets, carrying signs and chanting to protest victim-blaming and rape culture. 


For Rose, who is on the receiving end of a lot of vicious attacks online, organizing the SlutWalk was a way to fight back. "We recognize that shaming, oppression, assault and violence have disproportionately impacted marginalized groups, including women of color, transgender people, and sex workers, and thus we are actively working to center these groups in this event," she writes on her website. In addition to the march, Saturday’s event included a full schedule of festivities, like a sign-making session, a poetry slam, a fashion show, and presentations from various speaker. 

Hundreds of supporters turned out for the event, and countless more weighed in on social media. Here are some of the best pictures from and Tweets about the Amber Rose SlutWalk.


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More from @slutwalk_la. Most acts of sexual violence are committed by someone known to the victim, very often family or close friends. Black women are more likely than other groups to die due to domestic violence between the ages of 18-35 - that means the people most likely to kill us are those who profess to love us the most. My stepfather molested me for years and when I tried to confront him and my mother about it, they blamed my quickly developing body at 13! Home was never a safe space for me and neither were the streets and this kind violence is all too common. We have to do better, transform the messaging and shift the culture. If she is too young to be wearing that, then she is too young to be sexualized! No means no, and is not an invitation to be convinced. Only an enthusiastic ongoing freely given 'Yes' is consent. #endgenderbasedviolence #stoprapeeducate

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