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All that glitters is coffee! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

How do you like your coffee? Strong? With or without milk? How much sugar? At the recently opened Scribble Stories in Bandra, they might as well ask you if you want it with glitter, pink foam or tonic! Apart from some delicious appetisers, pastas, sandwiches and pizzas on offer, is a range of coffees that’s designed to suit all types of caffeine lovers ­— those who are looking to get an Instagram-worthy shot of a pretty cuppa or those who can’t function without their daily dose of their favourite drink.

A pretty cuppa coffee

In this day and age of capturing a good picture and sharing it on social media, what would look prettier than a cup of coffee that sparkles? The Glitter Coffee (Rs 200) at the eatery has edible glitter that adds an added shine to the cup of cappuccino. The Pink Panther (Rs 200), has pink foam on top of the cappuccino, that owner Aditya Wanwari assures us will appeal to the teenagers. While we have seen latte art at many coffee places, it’s usually in the form of the feather design. At Scribble Stories, you can get anything from a Mickey Mouse to a butterfly. And if you ask nicely, they will even customise it for you!

A splash of tonic

Before you, the mature coffee drinker scoffs at the above-mentioned elements, let us assure you that at Scribble Stories, they do take their coffees seriously. We suggest you try the Pour Over (Rs 200), a medium roast cup of Arabica coffee that is filtered with parchment paper and turns into clean, smooth black coffee. It’s not overly strong as we expect it to be but delivers a beautiful kick of caffeine. If it’s a cold drink you are after, then the Coffee Tonic (Rs 200) will surely get you going. “We have replaced gin with coffee and added tonic and a slice of lime. It’s a refreshing drink that will wake you up,” Aditya says.

At: Scribble Stories, Datta Mandir Road, HIG Colony, Nityanand Nagar, ONGC Colony, Bandra (W).

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