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9 months ago
Alicia Vikander's Trainer Tells Us Precisely How She Got Into Shape For Tomb Raider

If you haven't already, drop everything you're doing and take a look at how ripped Alicia Vikander looks in Tomb Raider. She may be a petite ex-ballerina, but Alicia proved that anyone - truly, anyone - can lift weights and get in tip-top shape. We spoke with her trainer Magnus Lygdback, who has worked with lots of other strong women including Gal Gadot and Katy Perry. He gave us the inside scoop on how Alicia achieved that stellar figure for the role of a lifetime.

"We covered it all - everything from classic lifting and strength training to more functional stuff," Magnus told POPSUGAR. "I like to switch it up, so we did everything from squatting heavy and doing deadlifts to pull-ups, push-ups, training with machines, training with bodyweight, plyometrics, explosive training."

They worked together five to seven days a week for nearly seven months, but they would never work together for more than an hour at a time. "What doesn't happen in the first hour won't happen in the second hour," Magnus explained.

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