According to Pinterest, this 1 Easy Hairstyle Will Be Everywhere this Spring

Love you, mulled wine hair, but sometimes it's hard to jump on a beauty trend train when doing so would cost you half your paycheck. Don't get us wrong: fancy haircuts and time-consuming dye jobs are totally worth the hours spent in a salon chair. Still, it's refreshing when a style comes along that you can achieve for free, without the help of a professional. Enter the low side part, a hair hack that our friends at Pinterest predict is going to be everywhere this Spring.

We'd wager that's because the low-fuss style (literally all you need to get this is a comb) instantly adds the appearance of voluminous hair. Whatever your length, the added asymmetricality of a low side part makes your hair look breezy and effortless, but still completely put together.

Read on to see our favorite styles - then get parting!

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