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11 months ago
A pizza stalker on the prowl

New Delhi [India], Feb 17 (ANI): A German lawyer, peppered with unwanted pizza deliveries, is cheesed off, and now, the police is looking into what may be a case of severe pizza stalking.

According to a German media report, Guido Grolle, in the western city of Dortmund, said that he was being bombarded with random deliveries of food deliveries at his office.

Police revealed that the annoyed lawyer, who told them he had already received over 100 pizzas, pressed charges in January and complained, "it's so irritating, I don't even get my work done anymore."

It is a mystery as to who is behind the bizarre stunt, but, lately, the anonymous buyer has started sending Grolle unwanted sushi, sausage and Greek food.

Interestingly, a similar case was reported last year in the northern English town of Blackpool. Scores of pizzas, curries and kebabs were delivered at all times of the day and night, without being ordered, the family complained in February 2017. (ANI)

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