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1 year ago
A Balinese treat!

Gado-Gado Indonesian-tossed Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dressing (Appetizer)



Rice cake ( Lontong ): Make 10 cm cylinder of banana leaf, then fills 1/3 with soaked jasmine rice.Closed each end with tooth pick. Cooked for 2 hours, cooled and sliced. Method of Preparation: Grind peanuts, palm sugar, fried shallot, laser galangal, chili and garlic in a ‘Cobek’ Balinese mortar. Gradually add water in batches to incorporate and form a paste. Add kaffir lime juice and sweet soy sauce. Toss in vegetables and rice cake.

Note: Serve as a light salad or as accompaniment with grilled fish or chicken. Boiled potatoes, tomatoes and boiled egg can be added as an option.

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