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9 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less

woman with pms period cramps laying on couch
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There’s nothing like a visit from Aunt Flo to cramp your style (pun intended). But thanks to some modern innovations, that time of the month doesn’t have to be a total downer. Here are nine products that will make Leak Week suck a little less.

woman wearing dear kate relay pants
2/9 Photograph courtesy of Dear Kate
Dear Kate Relay Pants

There’s nothing worse than having to stick a pantyliner in the sweaty crotch of your yoga pants during a workout. Enter Dear Kate, the underwear brand championing the call for going commando at the gym. Their line of leggings, shorts, and yoga pants are lined with their Underlux material, which provides leak protection for light days.

Buy it: $128-158,

woman holding iphone with clue period tracker app
3/9 Photograph courtesy of Clue
Clue Period Tracker App

There’s an app for everything. For reals. Meet Clue, the seriously scientific app that’s about to revolutionize that time of the month. Rather than just keeping track of when you can expect a visit from Aunt Flo with cutesy pink calendar dots, Clue helps you track your fertility, cramps, heavy days, PMS symptoms, energy levels, and even your sex drive.

Download the app for free from iTunes.

lunapads maxi pad and insert
4/9 Photograph courtesy of Lunapads
Lunapads Maxi Pad & Insert

If you think the idea of a reusable pad/pantyliner seems a little gross, you'll change your mind when you see Lunapads' pretty products. The brand offers a full line of pantyliners and pads of varying absorbencies and sizes with the aim of saving you money and saving the environment from waste. Plus, they come in super-fun organic cotton designs like “Cosmic Dancer” and “Electric Aspen.”

Buy it: $17,

Thinx Hiphugger period panties on model
5/9 Photograph courtesy of Thinx
Thinx Hiphugger Period Panties

Period panties: We’ve all got ‘em. But the geniuses at Thinx have created some ubelievably chic menstruation-friendly undies that are nothing like the stash of stained granny panties in the bottom of your drawer. The best part? You can toss your tampons. Yep: Thinx are designed with built-in liners that hold anywhere from one to two tampons worth of blood.

Buy it: $34,

loon cup menstrual cup
6/9 Photograph courtesy of Loon Cup
Loon Cup Menstrual Cup

The Diva Cup is so 2015. Menstrual cups are about to get a major, tech-heavy upgrade with the Loon Cup, which was recently fully funded on Kickstarter and is now in development. The Loon Cup will contain a sensor that links to an app on your phone, collecting information on the color and volume of your menstrual fluid to flag any potential health issues. It'll even tell you when the cup is full and ready to be removed. What won’t technology think of next?

Follow Loon Cup on Facebook to find out when the product will be available for purchase. 

screenshot of pms playlist on spotify
7/9 Image courtesy of Spotify
The PMS Playlist

We had a sneaking suspicion that Spotify had a playlist for everything, and that’s officially been confirmed. Meet The PMS Playlist. Featuring Girl Power songstresses like Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, and Dolly Parton, this mix covers the full spectrum of sappy to raging emotions you’ll need to get through the week.

Listen to The PMS Playlist on Spotify.

lola tampons
8/9 Photograph courtesy of Lola
LOLA Tampons

We’re not sure what we love most about LOLA: The fact that their tampons are made from natural hypoallergenic cotton, or that they’re available as a subscription service so you never need to make a midday trip to CVS. Made with BPA-free plastic applicators and zero additives, LOLA’s got you covered for your whole cycle with light, regular, and super tampons.

Buy it: $10 for a box of 18,

ruby's red wash
9/9 Photograph courtesy of Ruby's Red Wash
Ruby's Red Wash

Sometimes leaks happen. Rather than tossing out loads of your lovely (read: expensive) unmentionables, Ruby’s Red Wash is specifically formulated to take out period blood stains.

Buy it: $12,

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