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1 year ago
9 Snarky Thoughts You've Definitely Had While Scrolling Through #Fitstagram Photos


It’s completely understandable to be proud of your fitness habits and to want to share them with the world—that’s what the #fitstagram hashtag was made for! But it's also completely understandable to look at certain #fitlife photos...and roll your eyes at how fake and/or showy they seem. You swear you're not normally a critical person, but super-staged Instagram pics just bring out your sassy side.

Don't worry—you're not alone. Behold: all of the things you know you've secretly thought (and maybe even texted one of your friends) after seeing the offending pics.

2/10 Instagram
"That's More Elaborate Than Most Engagement Pics"

An overhead camera...was that really necessary?

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3/10 Instagram
"Doing a Headstand in the Middle of the Street Seems Totally Safe"

She's just doing her normal yoga routine...

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4/10 Instagram
"When Did Topless Yoga Become a Thing?"

Last time you checked, it wasn't.

5/10 Instagram
"Did We Really Need to See Your Body from Every. Single. Angle?"

The only one missing: up from the floor into the crotch.

6/10 Instagram
"Who Had to Climb Up Rocks to Take This Pic?"
7/10 Instagram
"How Long Did It Take You to Arrange Your Fitness Gear Just So?"

You gotta feel for the poor people standing behind this woman in the airport security line.

8/10 Instagram
"Running + Selfy-ing = Bad Idea"

It's just dangerous, y'all.

9/10 Instagram
"Yup, You Were Totally Just Lifting Weights on the Beach"

Isn't that what everyone does there?

10/10 Instagram
"Yoga Isn't Meant to Be Done on Cliffs"

...But, okay, it does look really cool.

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