9 Men Share What Goes Through Their Heads When They Orgasm


Until I was given this assignment, I don’t think I'd ever given much thought (ha!) to what goes through my head in the moment when I’m actually having an orgasm. And when I did, I discovered that those fleeting few seconds are pretty much the only time during a day or night when I’m completely devoid of thought and completely given over to the ecstasy of the moment. Physically speaking, an orgasm is the best feeling you can have, and it’s tough to be distracted during one.


But no two orgasms are created equal, and everyone reacts differently to the buildup, aftermath, and 10 or so seconds (if you’re lucky) when it’s actually happening. So I reached out to nine dudes for some insight into what’s on a guy’s mind while he’s getting off.


“Most of my rational thought, if you can call it that, is during the buildup when I’m like, ‘This is about to happen.' Then, when it’s actually happening, I guess you can say I think something like, ‘THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.’ But I get lost in the moment, like I think most guys do, and it just feels really good.” —Zack K.


“I sometimes think about how crazy it is that we spend so much time in pursuit of an orgasm when an orgasm itself lasts seconds. So I guess what I’m thinking when I’m orgasming is ‘I wish this would last forever.’ Thing is, though, that it’s such an unreal and overwhelming feeling. If we had an orgasm that lasted even, like, a minute, we would probably die or go insane or something. I guess there’s a reason they’re so short-lived.” —Steve P.


“I think of nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m incapable of thought when I’m ejaculating all over the place.” —Pat F.


“What do I think when I’m coming? I think ‘Holy sh*t.’ That’s what I think.” —James B.


“If I’m with a woman and I’m having an orgasm, I think something along the lines of, ‘Wow, I might love this woman.’ That feeling goes away immediately afterward, but in the moment I’m marveling at how great another human being can help make me feel. When I’m getting off by my own hand, I don’t think much of anything at all.” —Ryan S.


“This is very weird and embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I find myself thinking, ‘KELLY CLARKSON!’ Somehow that scene from 40-Year-Old Virgin where Steve Carrell is getting his chest waxed has been ingrained in my subconscious. I told you it was weird.” —Marcus R.


“I think, ‘I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. Agghhhhh.’ Then I collapse.” —Reese J.


“Have you ever seen that clip from Chappelle's Show where he’s making fun of Howard Dean and keeps screaming ‘Byaaaaaahhhhh?’ That’s what I think when I’m coming.” —Adam B.


“I don’t know if I have the faculties to actually think this while I’m orgasming, but the prevailing thought I have that surrounds the entire experience is, 'It really doesn’t get better than this.’ Physically, I have never felt anything that comes close to how amazing an orgasm feels. I remember the first time I masturbated. Afterward, I was like, ‘Whoa. I have discovered something here.’” —Nate W.

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