9 Gifts for the Casual Hookup in Your Life


Your booty call is the best: He's there when you need him...in bed. You can always lean on him when times are tough...in bed. And he never lets you down...you get the picture. Though you might worry that getting your f*ck buddy a gift for the holidays could ruin the sacred bond you share, which is totally based on eggplant-peach action, these casual, sexy, and kind of cheesy gifts will do no such thing. Behold: the best gifts for your horizontal dance partner.

big book of sex

2/10 Photograph courtesy of Babeland
Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards

If you're going to get him a gift, it might as well be one that you can benefit from, too, amiright?

Buy it: $7, babeland.com

3/10 Photograph courtesy of Open Sky
Clip On And Tag Along Solar Smartphone Charger

For all those times that his phone is about to die mid-sex and your charger is occupado. Let's put an end to that annoying situation, shall we?

Buy it: $28.05, opensky.com

4/10 Photograph courtesy of Cove
Cove Sunglasses

Your late-night booty calls probably interfere with his beauty rest. Get him a pair of sexy shades to conceal the damage during his stride of pride in the a.m.

Buy it: $7.95, sunglasseswarehouse.com

5/10 Photograph courtesy of Diptyque
Diptyque 'Mimosa' Scented Candle

Since you guys aren't exactly throwing slumber parties and brunching on Sundays, give him this morning cocktail-scented candle that you can sniff while you're getting down at night.

Buy it: $32, nordstrom.com

6/10 Photograph courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Plum & Bow You Look Good Bath Mat

You look good, he looks good, here's a bathmat that reminds you both how hot you are.

Buy it: $34, urbanoutfitters.com

7/10 Photograph courtesy of Uncommon Goods
Declaration of Independence Glass

Let him know that you're cool with keeping your independence with this cocktail glass that has the actual Declaration of Independence written on it—because you're so freaking clever.

Buy it: $12.50, uncommongoods.com

8/10 Photograph courtesy of Museum of Sex Store
White Cum Rag

Give his swimmers a place to stay that's not on your sheets, in hair, or in other mysterious places. He'll take the hint.

Buy it: $10.95, mosexstore.com

9/10 Photograph courtesy of Uberlube
Uberlube Travel Pack

Breath mint? Anti-frizz serum? Nah, it's lube. He'll want to use this stuff everywhere, and the packaging is discreet AF.

Buy it: $14, uberlube.com

10/10 Photograph courtesy of Jimmy Jane
Afterglow Special Edition Natural Massage Oil Candle

Another discreetly sexual plaything you two can both get use out of is this candle that smells like heaven and doubles as massage oil. What?! Yes.

Buy it: $32.00, jimmyjane.com

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