9 Crucial Facts You Should Know About Your G-Spot

g spot facts
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Among erogenous zones, the G-spot is kind of like the VIP section of that club. It's highly regarded among those who get in and freaking frustrating for those who still haven’t managed to even find the entrance.

To find out where it is, how to find it, and other fun facts about Club G-spot, we asked experts to lead us on the treasure hunt. Let's go exploring.

g spot facts
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There's a reason why hitting this zone feels so damn good: “From an anatomical perspective, the G-spot is basically the back-end roots of the clitoris,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D. So your clit and G-spot are both members of the Pleasuretown family. Interesting

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g spot facts
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While that physiological explanation seems pretty straight forward, the exact location is kind of murky. “While it’s been widely believed that the G-spot lives in the upper wall of the vagina, some researchers think it could actually reside in the uterus,” says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., co-author of V is For Vagina.

g spot facts
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While many praise the orgasm gods for this erogenous zone, some researchers question whether it's a legit place on your body (you know, like your elbow). “The question is whether the G-spot is an identifiable structure that you could potentially identify in an autopsy, and that's still being looked into,” says Dweck.

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g spot facts
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There’s no “I” in G-spot. “The G-spot is part of the clitoral network," says Kerner.  In other words, a G-spot orgasm isn't a one-woman show. "If you want to heat up this zone, make sure to kindle the clitoris first,” he says.

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g spot facts
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If you feel like you’re missing out on a G-spot O, Dweck says you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Lots of women can't get their rocks off via the G-spot for physiological, psychological, or emotional reasons.

No one really knows why all women can't push that button for mind-blowing Os. But you can try exploring with a vibrator (either solo or with a partner), if needed. Just don't let an obsession with the G keep you from other pleasure zones. "Everyone’s different," says Dweck. "For example, some women can orgasm purely from nipple stimulation." Try the N-spot and report back.

g spot facts
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“With enough G-spot stimulation, some women will ejaculate," says Dweck. You've been warned.

g spot facts
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This famous female erogenous zone was coined after a male gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg, who first referenced it in 1944, says Dweck. Without this old guy, your sexual scavenger hunt wouldn't exist. 

g spot facts
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In Tantric sex, this area is called the "sacred spot," according to Tantric Sex Couples Guide: Communication, Sex And Healing by Jefferey Dawson.

g spot facts
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Per Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, some cosmetic docs are offering "G-shots," (kind of like the O shot) or G-spot enhancements to plump up this zone for better orgasms. But since several gynecological assocations are taking a hard stance against it (they say it's not safe or effective), chances are your doc does not approve.

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