9 Beauty Mistakes I Swear I Won't Make In 2018

You’d think that people who give beauty advice or are beauty writers, would know how everything about beauty. You’d be wrong. That is why, here is a list of all the beauty mistakes I make despite my “infinite wisdom” but would very much like to stop making in the new year. Perhaps, there are lessons to be learnt here!

So, in 2018, I will not...

Apply liquid lipstick on un-prepped skin.


Liquid lipstick ravages lips with the harsh chemicals and mattifying ingredients it contains. Not applying a hydrating cream or lip balm beforehand guarantees lizard lips post lipstick removal. We all know that neither feels, nor looks good.

Skip my nightly skin treatments when I’m tired.


For someone with blemishes, pigmentation, and uneven skin like myself, night-time skincare can make or break my look. To just wash my face and sleep, then, is sure to result in ruin for my skin. If you suffer the same way, might I suggest using a serum and nutritive toner?

Fill my brows in without brushing them first.

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If you fill your eyebrows without brushing them into place first, they are sure to look muddy and messy. To keep the look natural and clean, one needs to be able to see the actual shape of the brow, and then fill in any gaps.

Apply cream products on top of powders.

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The best way to set any make-up product, be it blush, highlighter, foundation, or eye shadow, is to layer powder products on top of creams. Not only does this technique make the colours of these products pop, but it also helps lock everything in. Applying it in the reverse order, though, will spell doom for your look.

Not line lips before using red lipstick.

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Red lipstick bleeds. This is a fact of life. If you apply red lipstick from a tube and find the shade looking horrible on you, chances are that a lipliner could really have saved the look. It locks the look in, and prevents lips from looking messily swathed in ketchup.

Apply foundation on dry or uneven skin.


Washing your face before doing make-up is not ideal. However, applying make-up on smooth skin which doesn’t have a pile of buildup on it, is important. This is why it is wise to wipe skin with rosewater and moisturise it before applying any products.

Attempt a complex look when I’m pressed for time


Winged eyeliners will inevitably make me late for work. Resolving to remember this for every morning of 2018 will only do me good. In conclusion, keeping my morning make-up simple is key.

Not drink the requisite amount of water.


We tend to treat the beauty benefits of water as a mythical thing, simply because most of us really don’t drink enough water and are therefore unaware of the changes it brings. Reminding myself to drink water, then, is a beauty and health decision that is worth a try, at least. 

Forego lash curling and jump straight to mascara.


Applying loads of mascara, waterproof or washable, is not a good idea. Not only does it become a pain to remove, but it also tends to look clumpy and obvious. Curling lashes, thus, not only prevents this and save a lot of mascara, and also opens up the eyes by giving the lashes a lift.

Apply foundation on un-primed pimples.


The worst thing you can do to pimple-prone and oily skin (barring straight-up popping your pimples), is apply loads of product on it without actually prepping and protecting your skin with a primer beforehand. Primer acts as a barrier that prevents foundations from clogging your pores, aggravating inflammation, and breaking you out. Never skimp on this product if you have problem skin!

Apply bright lipstick without concealing the lip area.

ezgif.com-optimize (17)

Let’s face it, most of us have a bit of a moustache for a large part of the year. This ends up looking green and messy when one applies a bright lipstick. Corals and fuchsias look pretty garish in such a situation. However, continuously attacking our upper lip hair with thread is unwise. A simpler idea? Taking the time to conceal my lip area! Applying a concealer or some high-coverage foundation, is great if you want to hide broken veins and small hair in the area, and something I’d like to make a part of my routine.

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