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7 months ago
8 things about hair straightening I wish someone told me

If you are planning to get your hair straightened, you must make sure that know everything about it when I say everything it doesn’t only include what all products they are going to use on your hair but also what are those products composed of. Yes! It is more than just sleek hair that you’ll get on straightening your hair permanently. I got this treatment done on my hair recently and didn’t do much of my homework. Like many others, I was concerned about how expensive it is going to be and when the product brand they are going to use is well-known or not. It is only now that I realised I should have also taken other things into consideration. Here are the things you MUST know before straightening your hair so that you don’t regret later.

1. You’ll have hair fall: I have had so much hair fall since I straightened my hair. The chemicals in the lye relaxers like sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate are extremely harmful to your hair. Some of these chemicals are used in drain cleaning agents and other toxic cleaners.
I just had run my hand through my hair and I would lose a few strands.

2. Your hair will turn brittle at the ends: As your hair grows, it will turn brittle and rougher at the ends. It will be harsh to touch and look awful.

3. Your hair will become thinner and weaker: The chemicals used to break the bonds of your hair will make it weaker and thinner. Apart from hair loss, you’ll also have hair breakage.

4. You will not be able to style your hair much: Your hair will increase in length but you’ll lose the thickness. Plus there is only so much you can do with poker straight hair.

5. It can mess your look big time if done wrong: One mistake and you can have frizzy, burnt hair if the treatment doesn’t suit your hair. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go through this but there have been cases where many people have had their hair burnt.

6. Your hair will lose moisture: The chemicals rip your hair off its moisture and make your hair too dry and light. If you permanently straightened hair, make sure you deep condition your hair from time to time.

7. Your hair will lose its bounce: Poker straight hair may look pretty for some hairstyles but mostly you’ll have less bouncy hair that doesn’t look natural.

8. You must ask for the products and research a bit on the ingredients: I wish someone had told this to me before I got the treatment done. The products are full of chemicals that will only harm your hair. Be smart read the labels and even if the names sound foreign to you, take some expert advice and don’t opt for it without a bit of research.

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