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1 year ago
8 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Sanctuary

If CES 2018 taught us anything, it's that sleep is in. There was even a whole section dedicated to the topic. This focus isn't surprising - the US is in the middle of a chronic sleep deprivation crisis, with over a third of Americans getting less than seven hours of sleep. This is concerning because sleep is vital for health and normal functioning. Sleep has also been shown to help us "restore, repair, and consolidate memories," as well as support fitness and weight-loss goals.

Unfortunately, part of the reason that we're more sleep-deprived could be that we are more connected than ever before. Evidence shows that the blue light emitted from personal tech devices wreaks havoc on our sleep because of its suppression of our body's natural melatonin production. Enter the concept of a sleep sanctuary - the idea of ensuring that you have a space that is dedicated entirely to sleep. And yes, that means no more eating in bed.

Here are eight easy tips to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sleep sanctuary today.

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