8 Photos That Prove a Guy Is Never "Too Big" for a Condom

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Recently, Swedish singer Zara Larsson took to Instagram to post a picture of her leg wrapped in a condom. Why? To blast guys who say their penises are "too large" for rubbers. It got us thinking—how well-endowed would a man have to be in order to actually be "too big"? To find out, we put condoms on increasingly larger phallic objects—until they started breaking. And the photos, well, they speak for themselves.

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We decided to start small—and had no trouble getting a condom onto a glass ketchup bottle. Don't think we'll be using this particular bottle to spice up burgers anymore, though...

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A Shampoo Bottle

Even the bigger end of this guy was no match for a standard-sized rubber (which is all we used for this test).

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A Bottle of Wine

Is it just us, or does this kind of look like a party hat?

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Clorox Wipes

We're definitely in wider-than-penis territory here, and still no issues.

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A Yoga Mat

Full disclosure: Around this point, we started pulling the condom on with a little too much abandon—which resulted in a nail poking it at the wrong angle and the condom breaking. But on our second try, we focused on rolling and were able to get the love glove on just fine.

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A Boxing Glove

All wrapped up and ready to hit you with its best shot.

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A Foam Roller

This guy is about 5 3/4" inches in diameter—and we could still get a hazmat suit on it.

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A Recycling Bin

Finally, the breaking point: No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get a rubber to go around the bottom of this recycling bin. So now we know: As long as your guy's girth is smaller than an office recycling bin, then you can definitely get a condom on him.

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