8 Celebrity Bobs We Love Right Now

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When Beyoncé debuted a fresh, adorable new bob haircut at the Budweiser Made In America Festival over Labor Day weekend, it became official: The bob is the new "it" hairstyle of the season. And for great reason: The bob is the perfect face-framing 'do to bring out your eyes (and change things up). If you've been looking for a little hair-spiration for the fall, then take some pointers from Beyoncé and these seven other celebrities who clearly weren’t afraid to chop it all off. Behold: 8 celebs who are seriously ROCKING the bob style. Gorgeous.

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The singer showed off her natural waves with her freshly cut bob.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone glams up the cut like a pro.

4/9 ,
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift does messy-chic right.

5/9 ,
Julie Bowen

She plays a housewife on Modern Family, but Julie Bowen is proof that the bob is not some boring "mom" hairstyle.

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Kristen Wiig

The hilarious actress takes her bob to bombshell blonde territory.

7/9 ,
Lily Collins

The actress knows how to work natural waves with the stylish bob. Perfect for a fancy date night or wedding.

8/9 ,
Jennifer Love Hewitt

This is a fresh look for Jennifer who is usually seen with a long mane. We like the change!

9/9 ,
Sienna Miller

The actress traded in her long locks for the shorter do as seen on the set of her latest film, Adam Jones.

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