7 types of creepy guys you will come across at least

Creepy people are scary and sometimes funny. But then they can be harmful at times and it is best to stay away from them and do everything to keep them away. You don’t find them on dating sites alone, they can be a co-traveller, a colleague, a neighbour and even a friend or an acquaintance. Every girl has encountered at least one creepy guy in her life. Here are a few types that you’ll come across if you haven’t already:

  1. Touchy all the time: These guys use every excuse to come near you and get touchy feely. From caressing your hair to just patting you or even hugging you, he doesn’t miss a chance. His touch often grosses you out and most often these are guys you know in some way or the other.
  2. Stalkers: He’s told you that he likes you but you’ve rejected him. However, now you see him everywhere you go. He stalks you on social media, follows you and tries to woo you wherever you go. It’s like being followed by a detective and extremely disturbing. Read: Types of men women should never date.
  3. The clingy type: This type loves evading your personal space. He’ll come and sit next to you even if the entire room or bus is vacant. He tries to be so close to you at all times that you can even see his dandruff.
  4. The staring type: It feels like this one means no harm and might just be an admirer but don’t be so confident. His eyes are stuck on you and without a blink. It’s quite disturbing if they sit around you in the office or class and leads to extreme distraction.
  5. The creepy uncle: We have all come across the old uncles who have tried to hit on you and are a combination of few of the creepy type of guys. They might get touchy-feely, flirt with you or even try talking dirty. They do everything to get your attention and look eerie. Read: Types of creeps you will find on Tinder in India.
  6. The photographer: One of my friends was shocked when she received a photo cake on her birthday with her picture that she didn’t even know was ever clicked. This stalker would keep clicking her pictures all the time and send a few to her with compliments. Yes, these type of men exist too.
  7. The Raanjhana type: He’s a combination of everything creepy. He’s romantic and has a crush on you. So he’ll stalk you, click pictures, talk dirty, get touchy feely and keep staring at you all the time. He’s basically obsessed with you and thinks it’s cool exactly like Dhanush in the Bollywood movie Raanjhana.

Is there any other type of creepy person you have come across? Share with us your experience in the comments section below.

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