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11 months ago
7 things you should keep in mind before applying a glitter eyeliner

Glitter eyeliners look great, especially if worn for a party or other such grand occasions, it provides that edge to your outfit and is the trend of the season. But you must be very careful while applying glitter liner because one mistake can ruin everything.

1. Use the right brush to apply the eyeliner according to the style of eyeliner you are applying. If you plan to just outline your black eyeliner, use a thin brush but if you want to only apply glitter eyeliner then use an angled eyeliner brush.

2. Don’t apply too much of the glitter eyeliner. Especially if you plan to wear something elaborate you might want to apply only a thin line of the glitter liner to not look overdone.

3. Remember, eyeliners are meant to define your eyes properly but in the case of glitter eyeliners especially in a light colour the glitter tends to reflect the light hence being unable to provide proper definition to your eyes. Choose the colour wisely.

4. Balance the rest of your makeup with your glitter eyeliner. For example: Skip glitter highlighter or glitter lipstick if you are wearing a glitter eyeliner unless you purposely want a bold and overdone look.

5. Opt for the waterproof liquid version instead of pencil glitter eyeliner if you have the habit of smudging it and create a havoc on your face. I have made this mistake and realised the former is a way better option.

6. Opt for glitter and not glaze. Eyeliner mixed with glazy finer glitter particles do look very obnoxious and too plastic-ey. Instead, make sure you check that you get the real glitter eyeliner with proper glitter particles.

7. Sync it well with your eyebrows. Make sure to shape your eyebrows well to go with your glitter eyeliner look. Glitter eyeliner takes away a lot of attention to the upper part of your face including your eyebrow. Use a proper eyebrow palette to put them in shape.

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