7 effective ways to smell amazing all the time

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I love bad odor . . . said no one ever. Everyone (including you) loves to hang around people who have a pleasant appearance. But, body aroma plays a key role in making this appearance ten times extra pleasing. Whether you are in a board meeting or you are shopping, surely you don’t want to make people hold their breath.

Good news is there is no rocket science behind this, so why smell good when you can smell GREAT. Check out how:

  1. Diet is the Key

Do you love highly spicy, onion, garlic, ginger filled food and expect that their smell won’t come out of those million pores of your body then you’re making a mistake dear. These three things come out of the skin and smell for 48 hours (depend on your crazy eating habits).

In addition, alcohol also contributes a lot to the bad body odor. So, it’s time to say ta-ta to happy hours and hi to fresh and neat protein diet.

Diet is the Key

  1. Bathing Excuses . . . NO NO NO

No matter how great excuses you develop to avoid taking bath  they are all silly after all. Nothing can beat daily shower, regular bath using pristine quality scented bathing oils and gels can relax your senses as well as helps to create magic fighting body odors.

Bathing Excuses

  1. Go for perfumed nail colors

Scented nail colors are recommended for a tip-to-toe aromatic you. They do not have that thinner type smell like all other nail paints and emits fragrance all day long. I’m sure most of you haven’t still gave a shot to this . . . So applauses for me please (Wink)

Go for perfumed nail colors

  1. Scented Sachets are new BFF

Invest on some scented sachets and keep them on your wardrobe and also in socks & underwear drawer. This thing has a thing which absorbs bad odor and spread perfume all over your those (forgotten) cloths which remain inside the closet for long and smells of wall paint when you pull them out.

Scented Sachets are new BFF

  1. Keep your sweet spot fresh

The place, present beneath your so many cloths needs special care. The scent coming out from vagina is sometimes not quite pretty. So freshen it up twice a day using on-the-go towels or baby wipes.

Keep your sweet spot fresh

  1. Open your mouth . . . ha ha ha

Bad breath comes from dry mouth. Always carry a chewing gum with you and whenever you feel dry, chew that for fresher breath as it produces enough saliva that will flush off all the smell producing bacteria.

Besides, stay away from alcohol producing mouthwash as has mouth drying properties. Instead use an alcohol free rinse.

Open your mouth

  1. Condition the cloths

Give special attention to the cloths you wear. After washing from detergent, use fabric conditioner which results in ultimately fresh and soft cloths. What you simply have to do is just add an extra thing to your regular clothing maintenance.

Condition the cloths

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