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10 months ago
7 easy steps to achieve Glass Skin like this Instagrammer

How often have you ogled at pictures of fashion models with glossy, porcelain skin and thought, “It’s probably Photoshopped!” Our skin undergoes a lot of changes over time. Acne and ageing can leave it with open pores and an uneven texture. So the dream of achieving baby-soft smoothness we once had in our youth may like a distant dream

But getting the skin of your dreams may not be such an impossible task after all, at least that’s what Ellie Choi, an Instagrammer who routinely puts up makeup and beauty-related posts says. She says that with the right skin care routine, you can practically have clear, poreless skin that looks like molten glass. In her Insta post which has over 34K likes, she put up a picture of how her skin looks at night time. And if seeing is believing, Ellie has the most perfect skin ever, the likes of which can’t be achieved by makeup or Photoshop. She attributes her great skin to a seven-step routine that she diligently follows.

Step 1: Wipe face with makeup removing cleansing towelettes.

She confesses that she has a combination skin type with an oily T-zone and dry around the cheeks.  So she recommends Neutrogena’s cleansing towels which claim to wipe out all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara. Anyone who uses makeup will know how tough that is! Facial wipes are great for travelling, where there’s no access to fresh water. But some wipes can leave traces of chemicals in your skin. So insist on an alcohol free one.

Step 2: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

Second step to achieving great skin is to use a gentle cleanser. Double-cleansing is a K-beauty method where skin is first cleansed with a wet wipe and is followed by a cleanser. The wipe dislodges all the dirt, grime and oil hidden inside the pores. The cleanser removes the wet wipe residue and the remaining grime.

Step 3: Use toner

The toning in skin care is a long forgotten beauty ritual. Toner is a water-based liquid, which is used to remove oiliness and to shrink the size of the pores after cleansing. Some toners may contain alcohol and can be very drying and harsh on the skin. Pick one that is gentle and alcohol free. You can even try micellar water instead.

Step 4: Use a good moisturiser overnight

Your skin needs moisture to heal and to look youthful. So moisturising is an important step in improving your skin texture. But lasses with oily skin are sceptical about applying anything to their skin for the fear of breaking out. But brands such as Cetaphil, Sebamed and Clean&Clear are water based, so they don’t end up irritating sensitive skins or clogging pores. Ellie recommends using a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated overnight.

Step 5: Exfoliate with a gentle scrub

“Exfoliation is a must,” says Ellie. Accumulation of dead skin cell in the pores can cause dull and lifeless looking skin. A good scrub can fix dull skin by removing the top dull layers and revealing smooth, healthy skin underneath. Use a good quality facial scrub and avoid using too much pressure while scrubbing. Sometimes, too much of tugging and pulling and loosen facial skin.

Step 6: Use a sheet mask

One of the greatest gifts that K-Beauty has bestowed upon womankind (and mankind if you will) is sheet masks. These masks are not your traditional face packs. They are made of fabric designed in the shape of a human face saturated with a nutritional solution. The mask has to be kept on the face while for 20-30 minutes and then discarded. You can also use them overnight. Ellie recommends Innisfree, a Korean brand known for its wide range of sheet masks.

Step 7: Take care of your diet

This goes without saying but a healthy diet is the cornerstone of skin health. Supple, glass-like skin will exist only in theory if you don’t follow the right diet. The last step in her skin care routine for Glass Skin is a proper diet. She urges followers to stop eating fried foods and hydrate correctly.

Image source: Instagram – elliejellyb3an

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