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7 Women Explain How They Lost Weight on Vacation

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Vacation, that beautiful time when you get to escape day-to-day drudgery, is usually synonymous with indulgence. While in your normal life, you're probably all about sticking to your healthy-eating plan and clocking regular hours at the gym. When you're traveling, you probably let all of that slide. You might even think making any weight-loss progress on vacay is pretty much impossible, right? Wrong! These seven women shed pounds while taking time off, and some even brought those tips back home to keep the momentum going. See their genius tricks.

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Eat Delicious—and Clean—Food

"I travel to Greece almost every summer, and the last time I was there for one month, I lost 10 pounds. Leading up to my trip, I exercised daily and dieted but couldn't lose any weight. It had been four years since I'd had my daughter, and I was still carrying so many excess pounds. I basically gave up. During my trip, I didn't work out, but I walked every day, and my diet was cleaner because it was a lot easier to find healthy, delicious foods. We ate grilled fish and meat and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Though I avoided coffee, dairy, and wheat products, I did enjoy everything else—and lots of it. I even had wine every evening! I was really surprised to see the weight just melt off. I'm a swimwear designer, so it's important for me to keep the weight off so I can wear my own products. I kept it off for a little while when I returned to the U.S., but a few months later, I became pregnant with my second child, and the weight came on again. This summer, I can't travel back to Greece—but I'm trying to continue the clean diet I had while I was there." —Maggie K.

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Fill Your Days with Activities

"On my most recent vacation, my family and I went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was quieter than our typical vacations, and I was worried about filling my days. But I guess the relaxed atmosphere really suits me because I ended up coming home five pounds lighter since we were so active. I started each day with an eight-mile bike ride near the beach, and our days were filled with things like a group runs, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball, and even group burpees and abs exercises, which didn't feel like torture to do. I found that when left to my own devices, my default is actually active." —Alyssa L.


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Just Relax

"I frequently lose five to eight pounds while on vacation, even though my eating habits are completely different from what I do at home. When I travel, I eat more calories, sugar, and carbs because I tend to sample the local food. Plus, I generally don't have an exercise plan in place, but I walk leisurely through towns or on a beach. As a holistic health coach and women's body confidence coach, I attribute the weight loss to slowing down and relaxing. I find that women, myself included, store weight as a product of stress and increased cortisol. On vacation, I'm not so worried about what I'm eating or how I'm moving my body. I tend to eat slower to savor the experience and the food." —Jenipher M.

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Savor Every Bite

"Over the course of two years, I lost a total of 32 pounds while traveling. I love to travel, and I work as a travel writer and photographer. Each time I came back from a trip, I was always a little bit lighter. I wasn't dieting in any way—I enjoyed food and drinks everywhere I went, like champagne in France and stir-fry in Thailand. I think that my weight loss came from doing a few things that I wasn't at home. First, I was eating real food, not junk or snacks. I was walking everywhere as much as possible, and I ate sweets every day. Overseas, I was surrounded by sweet options that were rich, delicious, and satisfying, like Belgian chocolate. But I found that if I had just a little bit of something exquisite, instead of a bunch of junk, I was satisfied after just a little taste. It's been four years since I lost the weight, and I've kept it off by maintaining those habits every day." —Aimee C.

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Walk Whenever Possible

"In March, I went to Chicago on vacation with my husband and ended up losing five pounds. I think it was because of how much we walked. I didn't change my diet too much—in fact, I indulged in a cupcake during the weeklong trip. But here's the thing: We walked two miles in each direction to the bakery and to all of places we wanted to sightsee. I never used to work out, but I've kept those five pounds off and lost more by sticking with the walks. When my husband gets home from work, we catch up on our day by walking at least three miles. Today, I've lost 20 pounds since adding that daily walk into my routine." —Karina R.


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Plan a Fitcation

"About four years ago, I started going on women's fitness retreats: surf and yoga in Bali, circuit training in Tulum, yoga and fitness classes in Morocco. Every time I returned from vacation, I felt better about myself and even lost a few pounds. I believed in this idea so much that I started my own fitness retreat company, Fit & Fly Girl, a year and a half ago. While hosting a retreat in Costa Rica, I took daily fitness classes, hiked, did yoga, and surfed. We also had meals that were both healthy and delicious. I ended up losing three pounds and fitting into clothes better than I had in over a year. And best of all, I was even more inspired to keep up this lifestyle once I returned home." —Rebecca G. 

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Load Up on Local Fare

"During my vacation in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, I lost five pounds and actually came home with defined abs! One of the reasons I lost weight was because I swapped out the chicken, pork, or beef for fish and seafood during every meal. I mean, you can't go on a tropical vacation and not eat tons of fresh seafood. [Editor's note: The USDA recommends eating a variety of seafood and consuming no more than two four-ounce servings of fish per week to limit mercury exposure.] I was also very active by walking through sand, swimming with sea turtles, dancing, and carrying luggage while island hopping. And in the little downtime I had, I also did a Bollywood dance-inspired workout on my own. All of those activities worked muscle groups I rarely used, which burned extra calories." —Mischaela A.

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