7 Things the Royal Baby Taught Us About Pregnancy

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Kate Middleton and Prince William's child was born to rule. The mini monarch-to-be has been dominating headlines ever since the royals first announced that they were expecting. So we put together a list of all the things those headlines have taught us about pregnancy (royal or not).

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You CAN Keep Your Pregnancy Under Wraps

It wasn't until Kate had a severe bout of morning sickness during her first trimester that the world discovered that she had a bun in the oven. The takeaway? Keeping your secret on the down low might be a little tricky, but you can definitely do it if you're not ready to share your good news quite yet.

Keep your friends guessing by continuing to show up at happy hour—and using these tips on how to fake drink while you're there.

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Morning Sickness Can Be REALLY Rough

When she was only about a month along, Kate was rushed to the hospital for "hyperemesis gravidarum," acute morning sickness characterized by intense nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.

Fortunately for future moms-to-be, a morning sickness drug may be on the way! Get the details, plus six other ways to deal with pregnancy-induced illness.

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Baby Bumps CAN Look Chic

True, it's easier to look your best when you've got a royal wardrobe to work with—but the Duchess of Cambridge made staying fashionable while pregnant look downright effortless. Her secret? Dressing for her growing body.

Here's how to flatter your baby belly!

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Natural Childbirth Is Worth Waiting For—Even If You're Past Your Due Date

Sources say Kate was two or three days past hers when she finally went to labor, but she still stuck with her plan to have a vaginal birth, according to a report in Access Hollywood.

Find out why it's smart to avoid c-sections whenever possible.

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Prenatal Yoga Works Wonders

Kate did yoga once a week to get her mind and body baby-ready, according to Hello magazine. And it's a good thing she did: In one study, pregnant women who practiced yoga had a lower blood pressure and were half as likely to give birth prematurely.

Try these poses for moms-to-be.

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It's Easy to Go Overboard on Supplies

Kate and William reportedly bought a Bugaboo stroller for more than £1,000—that's $1,500!—according to The Daily Mail. You'll want to get everything you need for your little one, but if you're not careful, all of those supplies can add up quickly.

Use this checklist so you know what you do—and don't—need to stock up on.

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Your Pregnancy Tummy Won't Disappear ASAP

Kate's post-baby belly has become the object of intense scrutiny (and some praise!), all because she didn't hide it during the first royal baby photo opp. The average woman only loses about 15 pounds during birth (including the infant itself), and it can take more than a month for a baby bump to vanish completely. The good news: Breastfeeding may help speed up the process.

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