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7 Things You Do That Set Fitness Instructors Off

7 Things You Do That Set Fitness Instructors Off
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Fitness instructors are pretty much always balls of positive energy—it's one of the reasons we love going to workout classes so much—but they're still humans. So naturally, there are a few things their clients do that grind their gears. Normally, they'd never 'fess up to them, but we got a few to dish on the bad behaviors that annoy them the most.

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Judging Instructors Based on Their Age

"I'm under 30, but I've been teaching dance and fitness for 10 years—and if there's anything I know most, it's the human body and movement. Even though I'm often half the age of my clients, they learn that I can and will coach them to new successes and inspire them in ways that they may not have anticipated. Age ain't nothin' but a number!" —Selena Watkins, instructor at SoulCycle

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Ducking Out Early

"When they leave a group class early and skip the cool-down stretch. Stretching is so important—and it's disruptive to the rest of class." —Jackie Dragone, director of FLEXBarre and FLEX Studios

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Avoiding Heavy Weights

"My pet peeve is women who only lift light weights out of fear of bulking up." [Editor's note: There's no way heavy weights will turn you into the Hulk!] —Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer and partner at Barry’s Bootcamp

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Talking Nonstop

''I like for a client to come into the session giving me 100 percent effort." —Lena Marti, coach at Orangetheory Fitness

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Using Bad Form

"Proper form is key in indoor cycling, as it will allow your muscles to work efficiently and safely, creating long, lean muscles. I like to remind my riders that perfect form not only looks better but makes the 45-minute class a one-stop shop and a true full-body experience. For indoor cycling, be sure to keep your hips behind your brake, which will engage the abdominal muscles even further, will take pressure out of the hip flexors, and will really enable you to use the backs of your legs. It will also help ensure you don't overwork your joints and lower extremities." —Lisa Niren, head coach at Peloton

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Sneaking in Late

"My pet peeve is people who arrive very late to class but still think they should be allowed to talk." —Marni Rosenthal Chaikin, Pure Barre owner/instructor in the Los Angeles area

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Obviously Wishing You Were Anywhere Else

"If you’re going to do something, give it your all!" —Richard Giorla, founder and owner of Cardio Barre

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