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1 year ago
7 Smart Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Health

May 11 – 17th, 2014, is National Women's Health Week. Every day this week we'll be sharing stories and advice about how to take better care of yourself—both body and mind.

But achieving a healthier, more harmonious life doesn’t necessarily require a massive overhaul of everything you do. You can make small changes to your daily routine that can help improve your overall health with very little effort. To prove it, we’ve come up with seven instant upgrades you can make each day this week. You can see them all below, or share your own on Instagram on Twitter, where we’ll be sharing one every day using the hashtag #InstantUpgrade.

Here's to good health!

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To learn more about Women's Health Week 2014, and to see tips, advice, and stories about topics that range from nutrition to fitness to cancer prevention, heart disease, and more, click here!

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