7 Simple Ways to Eliminate Stress on Your Wedding Day

7 Simple Ways to Eliminate Stress on Your Wedding Day

Weddings… It doesn’t matter how excited you are to marry the love of your life; you’re most likely going to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and nervous. While you can acknowledge that these feelings will probably stick with you for most of your wedding day, there are some things you can do to help make it better. Don’t start dreading your wedding, but get prepared ahead of time!

7 Stress-relieving wedding day tips

1. Delegate the stress away

If you’re the one planning everything for your wedding, go ahead and plan for one or two trusted friends or a professional to be your day-of coordinator. The last thing you need on your wedding is to have to worry about small things that will inevitably go wrong! Make sure you let yourself have a little peace and get someone else to handle everything that comes up on the day itself.

2. Accept what you can’t control

You can plan and plan, but when the day finally comes any number of things can happen unexpectedly. The biggest surprise is usually the weather or something that one of your guests does. These are both completely out of your control and you need to accept that if you want to have the time of your life without a huge knot of stress in your stomach the whole time!

3. Schedule only the necessities

You may want to pack as much into your wedding day as possible. Stick to the necessities instead of going for group breakfast, manicures & pedicures, brunch, or anything else that can be done another day. Do your hair and makeup appointment and try to avoid unnecessary commitments that will rush you through the day. Rushing around will lead to extra stress.

Schedule only the necessities

4. Take some new spouse alone time

After you’ve said your vows and finished the ceremony part of your wedding, you should steal a few minutes alone with your love to just unwind a little bit before the reception. During the reception, you’re supposed to be having fun and relaxing, so take a few minutes together to calm down and chat a bit about everything or nothing before you hit the floor for your first dance.

5. Don’t Stray from your spouse

Speaking of the reception… Everyone is going to want to take a few minutes of your time to get personally greeted. But, don’t let greetings and pleasantries keep you from your boo! Save your expert mingling skills for your first cocktail party. During your wedding day, stick with each other like you’ve been glued together! This way, you’ll have the same memories of the day and it will be easier for your photographer to catch some sweet candid pictures of you guys throughout the night.

6. Keep delicious snacks on hand

The term “hangry” may not be officially in the dictionary, but you should recognize that it’s a very real thing! Stress can make some people into bottomless hunger pits while others may not want to eat at all. Whatever the case, hunger will always make you more stressed than you were before. Keep a bag of your favorite crunchy snacks around or make up some delicious trail mix to lug around with you leading up to the big moment. Keep it semi-healthy, but appetizing.

7. Allow yourself to feel nervous

It’s okay to feel nervous on your wedding day. You’ve made a big decision, and you’re about to follow-through with it. Nervousness and anxiety are all natural and perfectly normal right now! Let the emotions happen to you, take a few deep breaths, and carry on. Remind yourself how much fun you’ll be having at the reception and the honeymoon after all the intimidating stuff is over. Most important of all, remember why you decided to marry your partner today.

If all else fails, grab your maid of honor or your best man and vent or spill all the emotions you need to on them. They’ll understand!

Weddings and stress are often tied together. Try these simple ways to keep your stress at bay on your big day. The right mix of snacks, friendship, planning, and acceptance could lead you to the most fun and relaxed wedding you could have ever imagined.

As Community Manager at Sandsational Sparkle, Emma Johnson writes to shrink the momentous undertaking of planning a wedding down into manageable units. She seeks to inspire stress-free planning for her readers, amping anticipation, and easing concerns as they navigate through their big day and on into marriage.

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