7 Hot Things to Do with Your Hands During Oral

Sure, driving him crazy down below involves a lot of tongue action, but your hands certainly have a supporting role. "Manual stimulation is a great complement to oral sex and amplifies the pleasure exponentially," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First and Passionista. Blow his, er, mind, with these next-level handsy BJ tips:

things to do with hands during blowjob
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For those of us with a super-sensitive gag reflex, deep-throating isn't even on the itinerary—but that doesn't mean you can't make it feel like you're going deep, says board-certified clinical sexologist Debra Laino, Ph.D. Put coconut oil on your hands, wrapping at least one of them around the base of his penis, and move your hand so that it's in sync with your mouth. The wetness of the oil simulates that of your mouth, which will drive him wild (sans upchucking). (Check out this organic lube from the Women's Health Boutique to keep things going smoothly. Wink.)

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things to do with hands during blowjob
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Make a ring around the base of the penis and apply pressure. The friction from your mouth and pressure at the base is a tantalizing combination, says Kerner. Noted.

things to do with hands during blowjob
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"Don't forget that the entire pelvic area is a hot spot, not just the penis," says sexologist and relationship psychotherapist Carlen Costa, Ph.D. Use your hands to gently massage his testicles, give them a little squeeze, or gently tug them. The more you mix up your moves, the better—always keep him guessing.

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things to do with hands during blowjob
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Tickle his nipples, twist them, caress them, even go for a full-on man boob grab. "We underestimate that for both men and women, the breast tissue and nipples are noteworthy erogenous zones," says Costa.

things to do with hands during blowjob
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The real estate from his belly button to his inner thighs is a super erogenous area. Keep massage oils on standby to give his thighs and lower pelvic region a rub, says Laino. Try testing out different levels of pressure to see what turns him on.

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things to do with hands during blowjob
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Planting your hands on his cheeks and pulling his hips toward you like you can't get enough will make him feel the same. As you stimulate his bum, try slipping a little pinky into his backdoor (after getting his consent, obvi). "Guys forget that the anus is a hardcore erogenous zone," says Costa. "The prostate (located inside the rectum) is basically the dude version of the G-spot, and will send him into a whole new pleasure dimension."

But if direct stimulation isn't his thing, you can still massage the prostate from his undercarriage via the perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus), says Costa. Simply take the pad of your thumb and gently apply pressure using a circular motion.

things to do with hands during blowjob
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Chances are, he enjoys watching you touch yourself, so why not get in on the action? Mid-BJ, start massaging yourself in an erotic way, like by using a vibrator or rubbing your breasts, suggests Laino. Consider this job handled. 

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