7 Genius Beauty Tricks We Learned Backstage at New York Fashion Week

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Yesterday, Sephora invited us backstage before the Dennis Basso show at New York’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week, where makeup artist Kabuki was working his magic on all of the models preparing to walk the runway (yes, he just has the one name—that’s how you know he’s good). The look—matte skin, slightly winged eyeliner, a nude lip, and dewy pink cheeks—was “glamorous without being ostentatious,” says Kabuki. “It’s more of a modern aesthetic, what someone would actually wear.” He let us in on a few of the best beauty tricks he’s picked up over the years.

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Trick Out Your Lashes

False eyelashes don’t have to look fake: Kabuki used mascara on the models’ real lashes, then added a few small sections of natural-looking falsies, and finally gave the girls one last coat of volumizing mascara. That way it looked like the models just had super-long lashes—and not like they’d added a ton of product to them.

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Go Easy on the Foundation

The reasoning here is simple: The less foundation you use, the less oily your skin will look.

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Don’t Use One Foundation on Your Entire Face

Kabuki recommends using a matte formula on most areas and then using a creamier, dewy formula on your bone structure and any other areas you want to highlight. This will help make your skin look more luminous.

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Create the Perfect Wing Tip By Using Two Eyeliners

Kabuki gave all of the models a slight wing tip by using an eyeliner pen and a matte black cream formula: Since the pens can get product buildup on them easily, he uses them to create the precise tip, then lines the rest of the eye with the cream liner.

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Use Your Fingers to Make Skin Look Extra Glowy

Apply a dewy product with your fingers to get the perfect texture. Kabuki actually took the lipstick the models were wearing—it had a nice shine—and patted it onto their cheeks for the perfect finish. 

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Don’t Use Makeup to Camouflage Slick Spots

If you notice your skin getting shiny, grab an oil-blotting sheet—it’ll be way more effective than piling on more foundation and powder.

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Multi-Task with Your Products

Just as Kabuki used lipstick on models’ cheeks, he also used a pink cheek color on their lips and even under models’ eyes to give them a naturally flushed—and more cohesive—look.

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