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1 year ago
7 Curve Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Live Your Best Life in 2018

The average American woman is a size 16, according to a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. And data suggest that 67 percent of American women wear size 14-plus. Fortunately, the fashion industry is way more inclusive than it was even just a few years ago. Curve people of all genders have plenty of role models to look to for fashion inspiration online.

It's thrilling to see so many curve folks owning who they are and wearing clothes that show off their confidence. As a curve writer who's worked in creative offices, I've often been intimidated when thinking about how fashion trends would look on my own body. But these curve fashion bloggers prove that you can have great style at any size - and rules about wearing things that are "flattering" are totally a thing of yesteryear.

Whether you're into casual denim looks, bright colors and patterns, or vintage-inspired clothes, there are curve bloggers out there whose styles you'll love following. Getting dressed and building outfits should be fun, no matter what size you are, and it's great to see more and more people are recognizing that fact.

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