7 Crazy-Interesting Facts About Your Clitoris

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Happy International Clitoris Awareness Week! Yes, you heard that right, there’s a whole week dedicated to your lady button, so whip out those clitoris-shaped balloons! Clitoris Awareness Week runs from May 4-11 and is sponsored by Clitoraid, a private non-profit organization dedicated to assisting victims of female genital mutilation. According to their website, this week is about celebrating your sexual beauty—and we can definitely get behind that. Here, check out some of the most fascinating facts about the clitoris.

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It's a Sensitivity Center

The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body, approximately 8,000, which is double the amount that the penis has. We know it's not a competition, but if it were, we'd probably be winning.

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It's Similar to a Penis

While it might have a lot more nerve endings, the clitoris is similar to the penis in a lot of ways. "Obviously they are constructed differently," says Emily Morse, sex and relationship expert and co-founder of Emily & Tony. "But like the penis, the clitoris has a glans, a foreskin—aka the clitoral hood—and even a shaft. Plus it swells when it's aroused." 

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It Has One Job

The clitoris has one function, meaning its entire existence is devoted to accomplishing that one task, and that task is pleasure. It's the only part of the human body that's sole purpose is pleasure. We thank you for your hard work and devotion to our happiness, clitoris. 

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Size Does Matter

When it comes to the distance between your clitoris and vagina, that is. A recent study found that the distance between your clitoris and vagina may affect your orgasm. Out of 30 women, 10 of them said they had a difficult time orgasming, and those 10 women tended to have clitorises that were farther from their vaginal opening. 

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It's Way Bigger Than You Think

Your clitoris is more than just a little pink button, even though that’s all we can see. But underneath, it has a body the shape of a wishbone, with two legs that extend three inches into the vagina, connecting to the G-Spot. "It connects with every single structure in the genitals," says Ian Kerner Ph.D. author of She Comes First. That means it has a ton of reach and power when it comes to pleasure. 

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It Has a Limit

You probably know that clitoral stimulation is clutch for a great orgasm. But what you might not know is that your c-spot could reach its max pleasure potential. The clitoris swells in size as you approach climax, says Diana Hoppe, M.D., author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You, making it a little uncomfortable and sometimes painful to continue stimulating it to that point. So if your clitoris starts feeling way too sensitive, lighten up the stimulation and pay more attention to surrounding areas. 

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Positioning is Everything

Different sex positions have different effects on your clitoris. "Every two bodies choreograph differently," says Joy Davidson, Ph.D., sex therapist and author of Colors of Passion: Awakening Desire, Rediscovering Pleasure. "So with every new partner you have to pay attention to which angles of contact give you the best sensations, both internally and clitorally." Your best bet may be the coital alignment technique, says Morse. While he’s on top, have him scoot up about two inches so the base of his penis is directly aligned with your clitoris. Then move in a rocking motion while your legs are wrapped tightly around his thighs—creating awesome friction right where you want it.

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