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7 Celebs Who've Lost a Ton of Weight

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Need an extra dose of fitspiration today? Then get your mouse-clicking finger ready. Each of these stars took their health and fitness into their own hands. Here's what you can learn from their body transformations.



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Kelly Osbourne

The Fashion Police star has reportedly dropped 70 pounds since she began her weight-loss journey a few years back. She looks fab, and she clearly has some fun with her fitness: One of the ways Kelly gets her exercise on is through hula hooping!

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Christina Aguilera

Christina took last season off from filming The Voice, and recently returned with a noticeably slimmer bod. Her reason for leaving the show? She told Redbook, "I needed to decompress, wind down the clock, and just breathe. I needed to find out who I am outside of that red chair." Chilling out probably helped her slim down, too—learn how de-stressing can help you shed fat.

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Carrie Underwood

In our November issue, Carrie explains, "I'm not embarrassed [by old pictures] because there was a lot I didn't know." Now, though, she's on it: She works out with a trainer almost every day, doing a blend of strength training and cardio.

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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer, another American Idol alum, has undergone a major body makeover since she began Weight Watchers and then became their spokesperson in 2010. Find out why having a support system in place can help you lose more weight.

6/8 Marc Piasecki / Getty Images; Randy Brooke / Getty Images
Kim Kardashian

Kim K. slimmed down super fast after giving birth to Nori just four months ago. How did she do it? The Atkins Diet, according to one of @KimKardashian's tweets. Check out more tips on living healthy as a new mom and making a post-baby exercise comeback.

7/8 Featureflash /; Rodrigo Vaz / Getty Images
Jordin Sparks

Have you seen how fit and fierce Jordin is? She. Looks. Good. Take a look at what the singer includes in her workout regimen.

8/8 s_bukley /;

Snooki—er, Nicole—seems to have really stepped it up in the health department. Last spring, she told Dr. Oz, "I think I just want to be a fit mom. I want to be good for Lorenzo." Right now, she's getting a ton of exercise by making moves on Dancing with the Stars. You, too, can work on sculpting a toned bod with this dancing workout.

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