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1 year ago
6 Pinterest Boards Fit Women Should Have

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Sure, Pinterest is full of really pretty pictures. But if you use your boards to your advantage, it can also become a major fitness tool. Create these 6 boards—all dedicated to fit living—to rock an awesome exercise strategy courtesy of Pinterest. Bonus: Pin these photos to use them as your own board covers!

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Your Fave Moves

All those printable workouts and exercise how-tos you want to keep around? This is their home.

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Videos for Easy Access

You’ll be able to watch any of your favorite fitness vids just by hitting up this board.


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The Things That Keep You Going

Whether it’s motivational quotes, end-goal pics (like a photo of that beach you promised you’d visit), or fit celebs you admire, post them here.

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Gotta-Have Clothes and Gear

Consider this board your fitness wish list. (You might even want to sneak the link to your partner around your birthday or the holidays.)

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Tasty Fitness Fuel

You know how important it is to fuel your body before a workout, so why not stockpile yummy, versatile ideas in one spot?


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Your Exercise Goals

Want to run a 10-K, or even a marathon? How about completing a triathlon, or going on a yoga retreat? Post photos of the events or goals on this board, and then have a look whenever you’re feeling a little weak in the motivation department.

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