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6 Important Things I Learned About My Body from Training Others

nikki metzger fitness tips
1/7 Juan Algarin

As a trainer, I've studied the human body, worked with thousands of clients, and even opened my own gym. But through the years, I’ve discovered that there’s always something more to learn about reaching my own fitness goals

The men and women I train regularly have not only inspired me, but have also contributed to a few aha! moments about pushing myself, seeing results, and keeping a positive attitude. Here, six important things I've learned about working my own bod from training others. 

nikki metzger fitness tips
2/7 Image courtesy of Nikki Metzger
1. It really is "mind over matter."

My body can handle so much more than what I think it can. By working with clients to reach their goals, I've found that when I have the right mindset, I'm able to push myself and take my training to the next level.

It sounds cheesy, but it works. When the exercise gets tough, I tell myself, "Just shoot for 10 more reps." I find that I can almost always get a few more reps in there.

nikki metzger fitness tips
3/7 Photograph courtesy of Nikki Metzger
2. Working out isn't just about looking hot.

It's so much more than that. Instead of focusing on training the "glory muscles" or the ones that I can see (hey, six-packs and glutes), it's important for me to train all of my muscles by using functional movements (or the movements we make in everyday life). That kind of training improves my strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and endurance. Not only does this help me look stronger and sexier, but enables me to move better, too. 

(If you're looking to train your whole body like whoa, try Women's Health's Ignite routine, created by Next Fitness Star Nikki Metzger.)

nikki metzger fitness tips
4/7 Photograph courtesy of Nikki Metzger
3. Don't skip recovery.

It's easy for me to get addicted to working out or reason that seven days of sweating buckets is going to be better then five (spoiler: it's not). But every body needs rest days. When I skip those glorious 24 hours of chill time, it actually sets me back and makes it harder to reach my goals. If your muscles can't heal, they can't get stronger. Now I take time to stretch, foam roll, and enjoy an active recovery workout a few times a week. 

nikki metzger fitness tips
5/7 Photograph courtesy of nikki Metzger
4. To see results, you've got to be consistent.

People (myself included) tend to be impatient when it comes to seeing the results of their labor in the gym and out—like really, really impatient. But I've found that it takes time for my routine to make a dent in my fitness and strength goals. Instead of focusing on what I still can't do, I set small, totally doable goals and stick with them!

Nikki metzger fitness tips
6/7 Image courtesy of Unsplash
5. Annoying but true: Abs are made in the kitchen.

You can work out every day, but if your diet isn't lean, clean, and green, you're not going to see the abs you're looking for

nikki metzger fitness tips
7/7 nikki Metzger
6. Find a workout that you love.

I've found that having fun while sweating is the most important part of my workout. Seriously, you should get excited to sweat. It’s also vital that you find a support system—maybe a workout buddy or trainer—that keeps you accountable. If you haven't fallen in love with fitness yet, try shopping around at different gyms and studios until you find your perfect match. Fitness is more than just training, it's a lifestyle

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