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11 months ago
6 Golden Rules to Buying an Engagement Ring

Golden rules to buying an engagement ring

Are you scheduled to have an engagement on this Valentine’s Day? Have you purchased the engagement ring for the ceremony?

If you have not, you need to ensure that you find the best diamond engagement ring for your loved one who is destined to be with you for the rest of your life. Also, a diamond engagement ring can be the best gift for your girlfriend or wife to bring that precious and invaluable smile on her face. Thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to visit a jewellery shop to buy a diamond ring. You can place an order while relaxing at your home too.

However, don’t act impulsively. You need to be smart, in fact, to buy diamond engagement rings and we have discussed 6 tips that might help you to get a best diamond engagement ring for your love.

1. Deciding your budget is important

First thing first, you need to decide how much you want to spend on your gift. When you will search for diamond ‘engagement rings USA’ on the internet, you will find a wide array of beautiful and appealing choices of engagement rings and it might create a dilemma for you. You should decide a budget to save you from confusion. Also, it will save your time online too once you have set pricing parameters for your choice. Save time and shop smartly.

Decide on a budget for the engagement ring

2. Learn about diamonds before you place an order

If you have decided to go for a diamond engagement ring, you need to learn a little bit about diamonds. Have you heard about 4Cs- Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight? It is four parameters that decide the value of the diamond. You can read some blogs and articles on the internet about diamonds to make a smart shopping experience.

3. What is her taste in jewellery?

It is always a better choice to understand the type of jewellery your partner wears. Does she love classic pieces of jewellery or contemporary designs? Does she prefer delicate pieces of chunky ones? If you have known these preferences, it will help you to decide better. It will help you to narrow down your search criteria.

It is always a better choice to understand the type of jewelry your partner wears

4. Ring size matters

Do you know your partner’s ring finger size? You need to know it to avoid problems while shopping. If she wears rings, borrow it to find out or use other tricks. It is a very important thing to have a size known to make an accurate purchase.

5. Ask her about her favorite shapes and cutting styles

Here too, you need to ask her about which types of engagement rings she prefers. You can ask her by showing some images randomly or use your smartness to start a conversation. Remember, she is going to wear it on a daily basis and you need to ensure that she likes the ring you purchase. Ensure that you know about her preferences about style and shapes. There is multi-stone rings, round-shaped, oval-shaped and marquise shaped available in the market. Know her preferences to buy a perfect piece of jewellery for her.

Also, there are different cutting styles prevail in the market like cushion cut, Asscher cut, oval shape, pear shape, Lazare Kaplan diamonds and others. Ask her preferences by shooting some indirect questions.

6. Find a right online jewellery shop

Choosing a right online jewellery shop is also important. Read reviews about online jewellery stores and choose the best one that offers high-quality and reliable diamond engagement rings at best price in the market.

Wrapping up:

Buying diamond jewellery rings for your loved one is a big event and nothing is as valuable as joy on her smile when you open the gift.  

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