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1 year ago
6 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

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The thought of doing every exercise sesh over the next few months inside a sweaty gym doesn’t exactly get you pumped for winter workouts. So head outdoors—really!  These creative ways to stay fit in the cold are WAY more enjoyable than another trip up the StairMaster.

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Take Up a Winter Sport

Just because you can’t play beach volleyball right now doesn’t mean you can’t get sporty in the winter. Try snowboarding or skiing (the downhill or the cross-country variety). And don’t forget your helmet!

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Have a Snowball Fight

Could there ever be a more fun way to break a sweat in the wintertime? Nope. While pelting snowballs isn’t necessarily the most hardcore outdoor workout ever, "snow is heavy for your feet, so the muscles on your legs are getting worked just running around trying to dodge a snowball," says Monica Nelson, American Council on Exercise-certified fitness expert.

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Go Running

Don’t let the chilly temps stop you from logging miles outside! As long as you follow these 5 tips and wear the right gear, it's totally doable.

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Try Snowshoeing

This one's major work, but if you’re up for it, you’ll reap serious fitness rewards, says Nelson. With snowshoeing, you're getting cardio while "essentially moving through very heavy and thick snow, which creates resistance," she says.

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Break Out a Sled

Think of the walk up the hill as the workout, and the trip down as the reward. And trust us, that hill will feel much steeper after a few runs!

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Go Ice-Skating

To get extra fitness benefits from the rink, keep moving as much as possible and keep your core engaged, says Nelson. A great date activity plus some exercise? Two birds, one stone.

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