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5 weird period symptoms we bet you did not hear before

Bloating, mood swings and chocolate cravings–you must be way too familiar with the usual symptoms of PMS. But your PMS symptoms can go beyond bloating, cramps and the need to watch La La Land. From craving for red meat to being obsessed with your weight, we rounded up the strangest symptoms of PMS.

You run short of breath too quickly during a run: If you feel out of breath earlier than usual, you can blame it on your hormones. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine suggests that menstrual cycle can affect your breathing patterns [1]. Shortness of breath can spike toward the end of your cycle right before your periods.

You suddenly want to give up a bad habit: According to a study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco research, PMS can inspire you to quit a bad habit [2]. So if you have been planning to quit smoking, this can be a good time. Your hormones affect how you make your decisions, so while in the first half of your cycle you may feel like giving in to your temptations, in the second half of your cycle you are more likely to stay more resolute. Here are 10 things every woman with PMS wants you to know. 

You are obsessed with your weight: Feeling bloated is not a surprising symptom of PMS but according to a study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders PMS can trigger weight obsessions [3]. So you might find yourself stepping on the weighing scale way too often.

You crave for red meat: Even if you do not particularly like meat, craving for red meat can be one of the period symptoms, suggests a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology [4]. Red meat is rich in iron and since you lose a lot of blood during that time of the month, you tend to crave for that mutton rogan gosht or that steak.

You do not seem to recover from soreness in muscles: If you have a wound or a sore muscle that just won’t heal, you can expect your periods in the following week. According to a study published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, women recover from muscle injury slowly during the week before the periods [5]. These foods help deal with PMS symptoms better than ice cream. 


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