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10 months ago
5 ways hitting the snooze button is killing your body

Hitting the snooze button once or twice to help you ease into the day may not seem like a big deal but slamming that snooze button multiple times can be causing some changes in your body that are not great. Here’s a list of damage you are doing to your body when you hit the snooze button according to sleep expert Dr Ajay Gupta.

1. You experience a surge of hormones: When you wake-up multiple times your sleep hormone melatonin begins to drop and the cortisol hormone begins to rise up. This causes other hormones such as serotonin and dopamine to surge as well. As a result, your body does not release hormones as regular and you end up feeling exhausted and fatigued.

2. You miss your morning poop: When you wake up, a series of wave-like muscle contractions is triggered, that move the poop along in the digestive tract and so you are more likely to poop in the morning. But if your sleep is thrown off schedule your body will not produce those contractions and thus and thus you suffer from potential constipation and bloating. Try this one trick when you just can’t poop. 

3. You get sleep drunk: Overuse of snoozing could cause poor quality sleep which can make you feel disoriented during your sleep hours. So if you have a poor quality sleep, you may have trouble making decisions, and get more confused. This phenomenon is called sleep drunkenness. Instead, begin your day with these 7 good habits. 

4. You get groggy: If you use the time between hitting snooze buttons to go back to sleep, you may experience high levels of grogginess. The grogginess can even be a red flag that you have a sleep disorder.

5. Your hunger hormones get messed: Your body reduces the production of ghrelin when you sleep and when you wake up multiple times, the hormonal triggering process goes awry. This might cause ghrelin to kick in earlier or get delayed until later in the morning.

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