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11 months ago
5 useful tips all keto diet followers should keep in mind at the start of 2018

Post-festive season weight loss is always a challenge. It’s difficult to suddenly switch over to a disciplined diet and lifestyle after almost a month of bingeing. In winter, you tend to feel hungrier and more lethargic and this makes it even trickier to get back to a low carb diet like the ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet believes in loading up on fats and proteins and cutting down the carbohydrate intake. If you’re on a keto diet, you’ll know what we’re talking about. We asked nutritionist consultant Jaydeep Bhuta who lost  62 kgs in a year because of the Keto diet for his weight loss tips that will help other keto enthusiasts. This is what he had to say:

  1. My suggestion for everyone would be not to be too attached to the weighing scale but to focus more on body composition–the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies. Both exercise and diet are equally important to see positive changes in the body composition. You can’t really just on diet to see any kind of weight loss.
  2. Understandably, after all the cheating in the festive month of December, it’s difficult for a lot of people to come back on a low carb diet like keto. But you shouldn’t give up on the keto diet. Carbohydrates are very addictive and getting rid of carbohydrates and sugar is a tricky task. You should be prepared for the slight discomfort which comes with the removal of carbs. But remember, it will be worth it. Just a few days after going back on the keto diet with little or no carbs in the diet, you will get rid of all the bloating. You will also lose a significant amount of fat initially.
  3. Initially, carb withdrawal symptoms are very common in people who go back to the Keto diet. People usually complain of weakness and feel more sleepy in the first few days of adopting a low carb lifestyle. But your body gets completely stabilized in a few days. Give the keto diet some time and you are likely to see the benefits of the diet soon enough. You will feel more energetic and lean. But make sure you don’t give up the diet or cheat. Read: How to eat out when you’re on the keto diet.
  4. Do not skip exercising just because you’re on a keto diet. Exercise will not just improve your endurance, strength, flexibility and bring about a change in body composition but it will also ensure that you will remain more focused on sticking to your low carb diet and refrain you from going astray.
  5. Make short-term fitness plans and stick to them instead of making long-term, very ambitious plans which may not be realistic. People often get discouraged and demotivated if they make weight loss plans which are very difficult to achieve. Fat loss is a science and having faith and giving it time will always pay off beautifully. That’s how I did it.

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